Monday, April 29, 2013

An Inspirational Poem

My Mother passed away on March 28 this year at the age of 92. My oldest brother, who is a retired foreign missionary,  preached her memorial service, and, during his sermon, he mentioned a poem my mother had written.

Today, another of my brothers sent me an e-mail. He had found Mom's poem, so I thought I'd share it with you here:

Song Of The Butterfly

I crawled upon a mirror
And sighed, in deep distress.
But Mama said, "Remember,
God's not finished with you yet!"

And so I waited, day by day,
But thought 'twould never be
That God could e'er make anything
Of a miserable worm like me.

But then, one day, would you believe?
My ugly coat, so dull and dry,
Fell off, and underneath were wings
And I found that I could fly!

And now, the sky's my limit
I praise the Lord on high!
His perfect plan completed--
Now I'm a butterfly!

Even if you think you've failed,
Be patient. Wait and see
What God can do, for He alone
Knows all that you can be.

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Marshall Art said...

May she rest in His peace.