Wednesday, November 07, 2012

More Hope And Change

For the record: I don't believe the re-election of Obama is the end of America as we know it.

 I do believe we are in for some radical changes now that he has "more flexibility".

 In spite of our fears and apprehensions, I think the majority of Congress is still patriotic, and will only stand for his attempt to "fundamentally transform America" for so long, and then, they will see the what direction he is going and will stop supporting his Socialistic-Islamist policies.

 He cannot fundamentally change America into either of those anti-American states without the cooperation of the Congress, and while he has the support of most of the Democrat Representatives and Senators, there is only so much he can do and still have the amount of support he needs to accomplish his goal.

 Of course, he can still issue executive order after executive order to bypass Congress, but there is a limit to what he can get away with. Even the Congressmen who actively support his Liberal Socialistic agenda will not let him continue to make Congress irrelevant.

 They have their pride and aspirations, too. They won't take to being ignored for long.

 Then, there's all the allegations of corruption festering just outside the White House doors. He and his willing accomplices in the media can only fend off the truth for so long, and four years is a long time.

 The old adage, "Give him enough rope,and he will hang himself" comes to mind.

 We can no longer vote him out, but we can still impeach him out.


Always On Watch said...

It's a sad, sad day for the America that our Founders gave us.

Jim said...

What socialistic policies?

What islamist policies?

Accomplish which goal?

What Liberal Socialist agenda?

If the Republicans in the House impeach, they will be out on their asses. And the Senate will never, ever convict. Besides, you have no charges whatsoever on which to impeach. None.

You are delusional.

Dan said...

I wish I shared your sentiment. I think the corruption was already there in plain sight for all to see and the majority of Americans chose it, albeit by a slim margin, but still. I don't think that this election fundamentally changes America, I think that America has been fundamentally changing and this election is simply a mile marker along the path of that change.

Dave Miller said...

Dan, do you have any specific evidence that would hold up in court?