Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Revisiting An Old Topic

"I am often so far out in left field, I'm three or four deep in the bleacher seats." ~ Me

Here's something I woke up thinking about this morning. Who knows what makes me think of these things? Anyhow, this is how my thought processes often go:

I think Osama bin Laden is dead. That isn't based on anything scientific, but it's been quite some time since anyone's heard from him. Once in a while a video or audio recording pops up, and al Qaida assures the world that it's proof of his continued existence, but I remain skeptical.

But, why can't we find him?

He's supposed to stand head and shoulders taller than the average man, so, if he was circulating around, he'd be pretty easy to spot in a crowd. The videos we've seen are grainy and blurred, not at all what a high tech high definition modern video looks like (and he is wealthy enough to afford the finest quality video equipment), so I think they were all pre-recorded long ago. And, also, because they are blurry and grainy, one cannot tell if he's aged since the last one was released, which would also offer some insight as to his health, or lack of it.

If he isn't dead, I have thought up a way in which we might capture him:

First, I know this sounds crazy, but, release all the detainees in Guantanamo. But, before we do, plant tracking devices somewhere on or in their persons. Then follow them to see where they'll go. Probably, all of them won't go immediately to meet up with bin Laden, but surely some of them will.

The few that don't meet up with him will still have tracking devices so they can easily be recaptured, along with their confederates in terror, so it's a twofer.

Not only that, but we have the technology to find this guy. We have drones with high powered cameras. We have satellites with telescopic camera lenses that are powerful enough to determine the sex of a fly from outer space. We have black ops. Surely we can put them to use to find Osama.

Which brings to mind a question:

We've had the technology and man power to find and eliminate this man for decades. Why haven't we used it?

Do you buy the story that we just can't find him? I don't.

I don't want to sound like some kind of wacky conspiracy theorist, but, could there be more to this situation than meets the brain? I'll leave that question to greater intellects than myself to reason out.


Joe said...

Indeed, there is more to almost all international involvements than meets our eyes.

Always On Watch said...

Yeah, where is this weasel?

He should be easy to find -- even if he's wearing a burqa.

Fredd said...

I think he has been dead for years as well, Mark.

He's buried under thousands of tons of rock in Tora Bora when we bombed the crap outta him and his buddies back around 2003 or so.

That, or from liver disease. I would prefer the tons of rock scenario, personally.

Z said...

who knows? he probably IS dead, though they've proven that some of the old videos of him WERE him and were contemporary.....who knows?
If he's not dead, ..well, I'll leave that to God, I guess!

Jim said...

Michael F. Scheuer was head of the Bin Laden Unit of the CIA in the 90s. He's written several books about terrorism and Bin Laden.

I heard him on the radio the other day and saw him on I think it was O'Reilly. He says that Bin Laden is alive, not living in caves but is living in a luxurious villa in Northern Pakistan.

Randy said...

At one time, they thought they got him with a Predator. But the DNA they retrieved from the scene didn't prove anything.

It's to both sides' advantage for him to be alive. We still have a bogeyman to go after and they still have a leader.

Edwin Drood said...

that tracking chip thing is a good idea!