Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Local Event

"And He shall reign forever and ever." ~ George Frideric Handel

I recently posted the following video on my Facebook page, and added that I would like to get one of these flash mob things going here locally.

While I procrastinated, someone else acted, and last night, right here in the Fredericksburg area, nine area choirs assembled in the food court at Spotsylvania's Towne Centre Mall and entertained weary Christmas shoppers with the most majestic piece of music ever composed:

According to our local newspaper, The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, the "mob" had alerted the local Television stations and newspaper to their intentions, so I am a bit surprised that the videographer was apparently unprepared, because the video begins a couple of bars after the instrumental introduction of the piece.

Other than that, it plays well. I only wish I had known about it beforehand. I was off work when it started, and I could have been there, and I certainly would have participated.


Jim said...

Saw this on the news last night. How cool!

Trader Rick said...

That was really GREAT!!

The neat thing about flash mobs, tho, is the surprise element for bystanders.

I organized a small one a few years ago in a park. We all were milling about smartly, then suddenly assembled and Pledged Allegiance to the Flag, then just as suddenly, dispersed...

Trader Rick said...


Always On Watch said...

I'd love to see something like this take place at Tysons Corner Center, the big mall near me.

Mark said...

AOW, if you get it together, I'll drive up to Tyson's Corner and sing with them. Guaranteed!