Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Sign From God?

"And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them." ~ Numbers 20:12

I don't usually adhere to the notion that God sends plagues or pestilences down to punish the wicked, but these series of unusually severe snowstorms that have been slamming us here in the Washington DC area are starting to make me think perhaps God is trying to get someone's attention.

Someone like these Senators and Congressmen, including our so-called President (I say so-called because he isn't my President, as far as I'm concerned)and his staff. They have been pushing this stupid global warming agenda (in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary), and I am beginning to think God has had about enough of these mere men (and women) thinking they have control over the weather.

I heard this morning, that Washington DC has suffered the brunt of the storms with over three feet of snow so far and more expected.

It's almost as if the amount of snow is in direct proportion to the amount of arrogance in that city.


Mere mortals have no control over the weather.


We cannot create any kind of climate change be it global warming or global cooling. Neither can we fix it if it happens. We never could. We never will.

If we could control the weather, we could prevent these monstrous blizzards that are crippling the mid-Atlantic region right now!

Now. If I was one who believed God sends severe storms on people to punish them for their arrogance and haughty spirits, I would say the blanket of snow now burying DC is a message from God.

A call for repentance to those who contend they know better than God what's best for the people.

As an aside, It seems to me that Christians who believe in some kind of man-made climate change such as Global Warming are placing their faith in the wrong God. Do you know what I mean?

Remember the Old Testament incident (it's in Numbers 20) in which Moses got impatient and struck the rock violently twice to produce the water for the Hebrew children?

Remember? God told him to speak to the rock and the water would flow, but Moses got impatient and arrogant, and demonstrated that he thought he knew better than God how to produce the water.


Does that remind you of anyone today?

How did God respond? That seemingly minor impertinence cost Moses the chance to enter the Promised land, did it not?

If that little minor demonstration of arrogance was bad enough to earn punishment of Moses so severely, how much more should the arrogance of our so-called leaders cost them?

I'm just asking questions that should make some people think.

Now. I don't really believe God works that way nowadays. I think, in these Messianic times, God saves our punishments for the hereafter.

But I do believe that God sometimes sends messages to remind us Who's really in control.

Hint: It isn't us.

The only thing we have to do is be smart enough to realize what the message is and Who's sending it to us, and then, to change our ways accordingly.

But, alas, I don't think they're getting the message.


Trader Rick said...

It's 62 degrees and clear here in The Promised Land. Go Marco Rubio!!!

Timothy said...

That's the problem with the wicked, no matter how much of God's wrath poured out on them, they will never allow it to be used for their own good, because of their hatred for Him. A snowstorm like that is used by God as His reminder of His ultimate wrath, but only those who have tasted His grace can see that. He is giving them their choice, in the end.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

The only problem I see in your theory (that God is trying to send a message) is that in these times there is no "messenger" to stand up and clearly say "God says he is going to do _________." followed by God acting. Because of that, any "act of God" will be interpreted in a variety of ways.

I believe that God does, indeed, speak to us, not only through his word, but also though actions. But I'm hesitant to say that anything like this is a specific sign for one thing or another.

Perhaps you are right, but if so, the people that need to hear that message will not interpret the message in the way it was intended, nor will they see it as a sign from God. It will be interpreted simply as an unusual winter weather event.

Joe said...

Personally, I don't think God "tries" to tell us anything. He tells us. It is we who either try or don't try to listen.

He has spoken.

Will we (politicians and others) pay attention or will we ignore Him?

Mark said...

Poor choice of words, Joe. I should have said, I believe God may be demanding someone's attention. and everyone else is correct, too.

Unless someone relates God's message to our leaders, they will not know He is speaking to them, no matter how plain the message.

And, because they are wickedly arrogant and unbelievers, they will refuse to heed God's call to repentance.

This blog post and others serve as voices calling out in the wilderness, calling the sinners to repentance.

Now, all we can do is watch and pray.

Anonymous said...

"It's almost as if the amount of snow is in direct proportion to the amount of arrogance in that city."

Great line!

Mark said...

Miss Shore, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your insightful comment.

You're right of course. America needs a "Jonah" to deliver the Word. Without one, they won't listen.

Mark said...

Neil, My friend Poison Pero sent this quote to me this morning, which is another great line:

“It's going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries ‘uncle.’” – Sen. Jim DeMint

Marshall Art said...

Of course you realize that no matter what happens weatherwise, the all-knowing left-leaning Gore-ites will spin it into their "it's all our fault" claims.

Let not the wacky rantings of these fools conflict with our duty regarding care for each of our little corners of the world. I'm not about to let my car leak oil all over town, or simply throw my trash out the window or such other nastiness. And I'm all for industry doing their best to produce the goods we want and need in the cleanest possible manner. Who isn't?

But boy, when I hear these greenists and AGW idiots rant, I feel like lining up a mess of aerosol cans, blasting them with a rifle and just leaving the cans where they lie, just to drive them nuts. Must restrain this emotion.

Now, having plowed my driveway and walks (a curse upon those who leave their sidewalks unattended---little kids walk home from school on those---old ladies walk to church on those)for the fourth time, I'm preparing to head out to Ma's to do hers. It should be quite deep. Fortunately, not as deep as the snow out east.

Finally, I'm sorry to break it to ya, Mark, and I feel as you do. But Barry IS our president. It's unfortunate. But we can mock him and those who voted for him with extreme prejudice to distance ourselves from him and them. In fact, we ought.

Krystal said...

Mark, I don't know if God sent it as a message ... or if He sent it because of His amazing sense of humor.

BO: We must stop global warming.

God: Global warming? WHAT global warming? Here you go, stupid, here's the answer to all your global warming concerns...

I do not, in any way, mean for that to sound sacreligious or anything. I just think God has a great sense of humor. After all, He did create the platapus...

Always On Watch said...

It's almost as if the amount of snow is in direct proportion to the amount of arrogance in that city.

I'll go along with that statement!

We've got a mess here in the D.C. area. It will take us days to dig out, particularly with the cold temps.

Always On Watch said...

Hey. How about a good belly laugh? At the expense of a particular global warming idiot -- RFK, Jr.

Randy said...

Haven't you heard? It's no longer global warming, it's global climate change. That way, it can still be the reason for the snow (or lack of - you choose).

Do I think this is a message to the "greenies"? No. I don't think (correct me if I'm wrong) God ever sent a message to people who would not listen. Maybe it's a message to those of us on the right or even some folks in the middle - a reminder, just like the rainbow.

I have a little trouble saying that man can't change the climate though. I think man can do a lot of things to mess up the earth. God gave it to us and we are to be stewards. Marshal Art's points are good, we aren't to go around polluting just because we can. I don't think you intended that, but too often those of us (myself included) who don't believe in Global Climate change (or the word du jour) come across that way.

And finally, anyone who is tired of the snow, come on down! We in SC love our 1-2 inches every third year or so. :)

Mark said...

Often, in arguments, we hear each side accuse the other of "moving the goalposts".

Most of the time this "moving" is ambiguous at best. I suppose it's all a matter of interpretation.

But there is no ambiguity in the environMENTALists moving of goalposts. Theirs is classic:

"Oh, we can't prove global warming? No matter. We'll just start calling it climate change so we can always be right, regardless of what the weather does."

Please. That is so transparent.