Saturday, February 13, 2010

Al Gore's Frozen Wasteland

"It will keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries 'Uncle'" ~ Senator Jim DeMint

I found this video over at Timothy's place.

They are a great band with a common sense message.

We often hear the principles in arguments accuse each other of "moving the goalposts". This means changing the focus of a process or competition by one side in order to regain advantage when it becomes obvious the argument is failing.

Both Liberals and Conservatives are guilty of changing the focus of an argument when their argument begins to falter.

Usually, the charge of moving the goalposts is ambiguous at best. It isn't always clear what goal post has been moved, or by whom.

But in the Global Warming, Climate Change, or the phrase du jour argument, there is no more classic a case of moving the goal posts.

Global Warming proponents gained the advantage early in convincing gullible people that the Globe was indeed warming. But, in the last several years, it has become increasingly obvious that not only is the globe not warming, it is beginning to get colder.

Therefore, when the arguments in favor of GW began to unravel, Al Gore and his minions "moved the goalposts", by changing the phrasology from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change".

I have to admit, this was a very clever move.

Now, it doesn't matter what the climate does. It no longer matters which way the average global temperature moves, or by how much. Al Gore's people simply attribute whatever happens to Climate Change, and they cannot be wrong.

Of course, the climate has been constantly changing since God created the world, so they will always be right, unless the climate stops changing.

And that brings up another point:

All those who claim to be Christians but believe in man-made Global Climate Change demonstrate they have little or no faith in God. If they did, they'd know God is in control, and nothing man can do can ever wrest that control from Him. And, they wouldn't worry about the future of the planet.

If we can't trust God to keep us safe, who can we trust?

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Mr. Xyz said...

If you haven't seen "Climategate Glaciergate...:Hitler's Last Straw,"
don't miss the response to "Frozen Wasteland" which you can also see here:

It's the one with two women in the picture.
The caption is partially obscured, it says:
"We told so many lies, young scientists are totally [confused]"

Here is the lead in from the clips comment page:

"As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of "Glaciergate"."