Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Tells The Truth For Once

Kanye West is a jackass" ~ Barack Hussein Obama

Finally! Obama gets something right and the State run media rushes to cover it up for him.

That's right. ABC made sure his record stays at 100% wrong on everything.

This morning, when I logged on, and the AIM home page lit up my monitor screen, there in front of my face was this story.

Now, I don't watch fluffy awards shows, especially since there are so danged many of them and I see no point in watching entertainers pat each other on the back.

Besides, they are really only popularity contests anyway. Who cares? I have better things to do with my time.

But, on the VMA (I think that stands for Video Music Academy) awards show the other day, infamous racist and so-called "hip hop artist" (as if it takes talent to recite bad poetry with bad syncopation and horrific rhymes to a drum beat), Kanye West interrupted fledgling country music star Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech to proclaim (in his educated opinion) Beyonce Knowles' video was better than Swifts.

This is the same Kanye West, who went off script during a live broadcast of a variety show that was put together for the purpose of raising money for the victims of hurricane Katrina. Remember that? He grabbed the mic, and angrily proclaimed, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Now, during an interview with an unnamed CNBC reporter, Obama casually mentioned, "Kanye West is a jackass", which naturally horrified the Obama worshiping suck-ups in the State run media.

We can't have a President saying negative things about a black man, can we?

Especially if it's the truth!

ABC's Terry Moran apparently didn't think Obama's remark would do much damage to Obama's sterling reputation, because he quickly dashed off a twitter note telling his twitterees all about the gaffe.


Obama told the truth! West IS a jackass!

An hour later, as Moran sat basking in the glow of his presumptive scoop, someone must have revealed to him that his twitter post revealed Obama had had a moment of clarity in discussing the meaningless awards show.

So, ABC subsequently released this statement, in effect, apologizing for telling the truth about Dear Leader:

"This was done before our editorial process had been completed. That was wrong. We apologize to the White House and CNBC".

More evidence that journalism has died in America.


Lone Ranger said...

Isn't the jackass the mascot of the democrat party?

Edwin Drood said...

Ranger may be right. Perhaps its a birds of a feather type thing.

The typical thing for Liberals to do now is demonize Taylor Swift and blame the whole thing on her.

Tech said...

Well done to the president. He's just being honest.

Joe said...

Frankly, I don't think President BO was being honest at all. Kanye West doesn't even come close to rising to the level of jackass.

President BO has offended every jackass in the country.

Jim said...

You are so ignorant it's astounding! ABC's apology had nothing to do with Kanye West, his being black, or the President saying something bad about a black man. ABC apologized because the remarks were "off the record." Moran had broken a major journalism ethic by revealing something that he knew was off the record.

Hence, the apology.

Lone Ranger said...

In his usual hateful way, Jim makes a point. It is unethical to use something said off the record. However to attribute ethics to a liberal journalist is laughable. I can't imagine them retreating this fast if Bush had said something like that.

Joe said...

What I like about Jim is his obvious superiority to every conservative thinker on the planet. In fact, I suppose he thinks "conservative" and "thinker" are oxymorons.

'Course, this is America...he has the right to be wrong.

barrry burns said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mark said...

Barry, I've deleted your comment for two reasons: First, you used obscene language and that isn't permissable here.

Second, it was incoherent.

If you want to post a coherent comment with clean language, you are welcome to post here.

Lone Ranger said...

Here is an example of CNN\'s integrity.

Jim said...

"What I like about Jim is his obvious superiority to every conservative thinker on the planet. In fact, I suppose he thinks "conservative" and "thinker" are oxymorons."

What I like about Joe is that he obviously doesn't have a clue. I don't feel superior at all to conservative thinkers. It's just that there are none here.

I don't agree with much conservative thought, but I respect those who know how to articulate true conservative thought without throwing excrement on everyone and everything around them.

The original post was going pretty well until:

"We can't have a President saying negative things about a black man, can we?"

This wasn't conservative thought. It was knee-jerk absurdity abetted by ignorance.

Conservative thought would be, the first amendment guarantees that West can say anything he wants without having to be politically correct. That didn't happen here.

Mark said...

Uh, Jim...That statement you call absurdity is sarcasm. You do understand what sarcasm is, don't you?

Of course West is a jackass. Obama was correct in his assessment.

And, West has the right to be a jackass.

So why did the press rush to bury the story?

Mark said...

Don't bother answering the previous question, Jim. You and I both know the answer.

Obama was afraid of angering his base. The idiots that actually like rap. Anyone who likes rap can't possibly have good judgment. And they are the main supporters of His Highness.

So, what's that tell you about Obama?

Don't answer that one either. We both know that answer also.

Marshall Art said...

Thanks, LR, for the link. It's even better to see how it went down. It's excellent!

As to why it was covered up, I don't recall the same attention being paid when Bush referred to a reporter (I think it was) as a world-class a**hole. They made sure it was well seen by as many as possible. And then there was the incident with Cheney telling some lame-a**, hypocritical Dem to f-off.

This stuff is newsworthy to be sure, in that it gives us greater insight into the character of our politicians. If they are going to be so careless with their speech (and really, who of us that uses such language in private could hope to never slip in front of a camera or microphone), they have to deal with the ramifications.

Now, thus far, I've heard no comment from Barry regarding this incident. I hope he's man enough to stand by his comment. It was honest and far less offensive than calling West a f**king idiot, which is equally appropriate for his behavior, despite the crudity of the language. It would be a good opportunity for him to admit to his own humanity, to humble himself a bit and then to announce an intention to clean up his speech in every situation in which he might find himself.

Good gosh. I'd hate to have to "keep it clean" for the cameras so often. I don't know if I could do it. It's a never ending struggle.

Jim said...

"So why did the press rush to bury the story?"

OK, read this very slowly and carefully.

The comment was made off the record. When a conversation is "off the record", it is not to be repeated. That is a rule of journalism. Terry Moran broke this rule. ABC apologized.

I believe Obama would not have had any real problem with his words being repeated if he had said, "West was wrong." I think he was embarrassed for having used the word "jackass".

Regardless, my beef here is that you ascribed some mythological protect the President because he disparaged a black person excuse for ABC's apology.

Jim O said...

Let us consider the possibility that the President wanted it to be known what he thought of West, but didn't want to say so "publicly." Thus, the "leak." Do you think that Obama is upset that we now think that he thinks that West is a jackass? I don't.
Obama is good at using his supporters the press like that, although it backfires sometimes. Remember, the Skip Gates comment was in response to a question from reporter working for the Obama-friendly (to say the least) Chicago Tribune. It was the very last question in a presser where all of the preceeding questions were on heatlh care. Coincidence? I think not.
ABC News, and Terry Moran in particular, are practically members of the Obama administration. Moran is a lefty, but he's no dummy. That was no mistake.

Mark said...

Jim, See Marshall Art's comment above. Suddenly journalists have integrity?

Give. Me. A. Break.

Anonymous said...

Does Jim think that Bush and Cheney meant for their remarks to be on the record? Double Standard! mom2