Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers - November 9, 1936 – September 16, 2009

"The end crowns all,
And that old common arbitrator, Time,
Will one day end it."
~ William Shakespeare

One third of a Folk Music trio that I grew up listening to has passed over.

Mary Travers is dead at the age of 72.


Jim O said...

A nice tribute. She was way out there on the left, but I was too young to know or care. I just thought she was best combo of talent and looks in the business.

Mark said...

I agree, Jim, but in the 60's and 70's, I was just as left.

Joe said...

Talent is talent, left or right.

I loved PP&M.

She'll be remembered well, I'm sure.

Z said...

I never heard her sing "The First Time.." and I really like her treatment of it a lot.
Imagine how clean cut they looked in earlier days, high heels, nice dress, suits...THOSE were the days!

Thanks, Mark...I enjoyed listening to these ... Just great! She sure will be remembered well.