Monday, March 23, 2009

Underestimating Obama

"Crime does not pay ... as well as politics." ~ Alfred E. Newman

I've been thinking. We might be underestimating just how effective Barack Hussein Obama's policies are.

I discussed The bonuses awarded to AIG's executives in a previous entry, in which I mentioned bonuses generally are awarded to employees that surpass certain goals over and above their every day duties, but in doing so, I led readers to assume the AIG executives who received those bonuses didn't deserve them.

In point of fact, I don't really know if they deserved them or not. It could be, that the executives who were awarded bonuses were employees who actually did reach the goals established in their respective contractual agreements. Perhaps the employees who failed to meet the qualifications stipulated in their contracts didn't get any bonuses at all.

I assume it is possible that some employees did their jobs exceptionally well, while the rest of the corporation foundered.

Be that as it may, We now are hearing reports of hundreds of people converging outside the private homes of various AIG executives to protest the awarding of these bonuses. They are outraged that taxpayers are funding the bonuses.

The perception is that these unnamed executives are greedy, callous, and altogether evil for daring to accept money freely given to them by their superiors in appreciation for their work, or at least because bonuses were written into their contracts regardless of achievement.

I am trying to picture these evil, evil bonus recipients:

I can picture a middle aged, bespectacled, balding, white man, bursting into his boss's office and demanding bonus money. I can picture him ranting and raving, spittle flying out of his mouth, while he's waving his arms about wildly, and screaming about how he will quit, or sue, or something much more drastic, if he isn't given hundreds of thousands of dollars for his hard work which inexplicably resulted in the failure of his entire department.

And I can picture his supervisor, quaking in fear before his underling, dropping to his knees in supplication before this intimidating spectacle, and pledging undying devotion, along with blustery promises that he would never, ever, "as God is my witness" deny his employee his just due.

Is this the picture Obama and his cronies are painting? Is it believable? In who's twisted world is this scenario even a remote possibility?

This is Obama's agenda. He wants to create a situation in which the corporations are evil and the government is the hero. And these hundreds of naive citizens are playing right into his hands.

The fact is, These bonuses were awarded by the upper echelon administrators of AIG, with the full complicity of the Legislative and Executive branches of the United States of America. And their unabashed willing accomplices in the American media, who helped to propagate all out class warfare.

They had Carte Blanche to dole out these bonuses directly from Obama's omnibus spending bill, which the "transparent" Obama simply had to rush to sign before the wheels of Congress spun completely off the rims. He portrayed the economic problems of America to be an urgent crisis.

But that isn't how Obama's administration has spun it, is it?

Obama has nothing to do with this turn of events. His hands are clean. Geithner, the tax cheat, is blameless. Dodd, and Franks, and the other miscreants in Congress and the cabinet are spotless, aren't they?

It's all the evil, evil AIG executives who are at fault. The ones who received the bonuses. Not the one's who sprawled prostrate at the feet of Congress, begging for help in the form of enormous bail-out funds, the bulk of which they promptly deposited into several foreign banks.

The money distributed to their own in the form of bonuses was miniscule in comparison.

But Obama and his gang made sure the outrage was directed to the right sources.

But now, thanks to Obama's press agents, also known as the American media, these same evil executives are cowering inside their spacious homes, petrified with fear over the prospect that their lives, and the lives of their families are in imminient danger.

Blood may end up being spilled before it's all over.

And why? Because Obama needs to distract the American people from the real crime. His economic policy, which is crippling, and perhaps even destroying America's economy.

Obama's arrogance and insensitivity towards everything this great country holds dear, the democratic American dream, has moved to institute policies which may eventually destroy our country.

Look, there is a distinct possibility that many of these executives who received bonuses shouldn't have received them. But that is AIG's business. Not Obama's.

None of these companies should have been bailed out in the first place. The free market works just fine when it's left alone. It's not unlike Darwin's theory of "survival of the fittest" for business. Only the strong or wisest should survive. If the companies cannot make it without help, they should be allowed to die, and better stronger companies take their place. That's free market capitalism, and it's worked pretty well since the founding of this country.

The true reason Obama wanted to hand out taxpayer money wasn't to help business or the economy. The real reason was so he could wrest control of them.

When corporations allow the government to bail them out whenever they fail to manage their money responsibly, they give up control to the government. It's part of the package deal. "If we help you out of this present situation, you, in turn, will have to do as we say".

That's what Obama wants. To control the corporations.

Today, the corporations. Tomorrow it may be you.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mark, your grasp of how Socialist/Marxism works is astounding. It is too bad that more people can't seem to grasp that.

Obama has the technique down pat and knows exactly what he is doing which is what makes him so dangerous.

Lone Ranger said...

When I try to envision evil people, all that comes to mind are images of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, etc.

Marshall Art said...

I heard for the first time the other day, maybe yesterday, the term "retention bonuses". In other words they are bonuses to keep the execs from leaving. Hmmm. ALL OF THEM? or just those who DIDN'T have anything to do with the failure? In any case, a dim light shined upon these bonuses.

Of course, the total amount of bonus money comprises less than one percent of the bailout money. The outrage is another scam to distract the rest of us from the total package. If we're busy screamin' at the greedy execs, we'll be too busy to watch what else is going on. Class envy. A common tactic of the statists.

Now I hear that most of the execs are indeed returning their bonuses. Good for them. But now I'm hearing Barry wants to cap bonuses to execs in ANY corporation. No. He's not a socialist at all.

Trader Rick said...

Lone, how could you not put Pole-Dancer Nanci Pelosi before the "etc."?

Mark said...

What's most disturbing about all this, is that there are hundreds of protesters milling about outside the homes of AIG executives. All because Obama led them to falsely believe it was the executives who are at fault for the failing economy.

Some one rented buses to bus these potentially dangerous protesters to the homes. I just found out who rented the buses:

ACORN. That's right. The very subversive organization who's employees were trained by Obama himself. So, now, we've come full circle. Do we now see how dangerous this man is to America?

As I said, if this situation erupts into a full scale riot, the blood will be on Obama's hands.

Always On Watch said...

This is Obama's agenda. He wants to create a situation in which the corporations are evil and the government is the hero. And these hundreds of naive citizens are playing right into his hands.

Spot on. BHO is manipulating the situation and the people. Pure demagoguery!

Cameron said...

A quote from one of the AIG "protesters":

"Because the American taxpayer now owns 80 percent of AIG, they should have full access to anything and everything they own, including their country club memberships, their recreation facilities, their built-in swimming pools"

Joe said...

"Today, the corporations. Tomorrow it may be you."

There is no "may be" about it.

I see in President BO a man who will do his best to remove term limits from the office of the President and will emulate those regimes led by a (President/Dictator/Emir/etc.) for life.

Jim said...

I see in President BO a man who will do his best to remove term limits from the office of the President

Joe, did you go to high school? Changing term limits requires a Constitutional amendment which would have to be passed by 2/3 vote of each house of Congress and ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures.