Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fifty-Two Per Cent

"They think we're stupid". ~ Laura Ingraham

That opening statement from Laura Ingraham's book, "Shut Up and Sing" has never been better demonstrated than it is now with Barack Hussein Obama.

On Election day, last November, 52% (reportedly) of Americans proved Obama was at least partially correct. Apparently, at least 52% of Americans really are stupid.

They voted for Obama despite all the evidence that he has no experience, no substance, no pride in America, and no qualifications. And yet 52% believed he was preferable to a genuine American hero.

He has demonstrated for years that he is a Marxist, and that he intends to create a Marxist state of the United States, but still 52% of Americans voted for him.

All the evidence was there in his questionable associations, his grandiose promises of "hope and change", while offering no glimpse of how he was going to accomplish these miracles, plus, most Conservatives such as myself, warned Americans that he is a danger to the American way of life, but to no avail. 52% ignored the warnings and the evidence.

He relied heavily on his belief that most Americans are willfully uninformed. And 52% of them obviously are.

Now that he is ensconced as President, we are witnessing the Socialization of America right before our very eyes in the form of this so-called stimulus bill.

They (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, etc) trumpeted the benefits of this bill, citing the creation of millions of jobs, and the free flow of money into our economy that somehow was going to kick start the faltering economy and get it up and running like a well-oiled machine again.

Now, the language of his adoring minions in the media has changed somewhat. Now, they are saying the bill will create or "save" millions of existing jobs.

Note the subtle change. Now, maybe the bill won't actually create jobs. Now, maybe it will only save existing jobs. Maybe it will do both. Maybe it will do neither. None of us can be sure.

But, we are being asked to throw caution to the winds and blindly accept this concept, which is a crap shoot at best.

One thing I'm sure of, is that our nation, if this bill is implemented, will become a Communist collective, and our freedom and liberties will fall by the wayside. Once Obama gets to decide who gets what, there will be no stopping him. He will create an obligation in us to which we must acquiesce.

"If I give you x amount of money, you must in turn, do as I say. That is the price of my generosity".

His goal is complete, total, control.

Why don't Obama's fawning supporters see what he's doing? With this bill, he is in effect taking over control of every business in America. He will set the prices on goods and services. He will decide how much the workers earn. He will decide how much and what we can buy for our families. He will kill some industries such as oil and coal. He will dismantle our military. He will repeal the legislation that has kept us safe from terrorists attacks since 9/11. He will legitimize infanticide. He will ban the ownership of any type of firearm. He will squelch any speech that voices opposition to him or his policies.

The wheels are already in motion to accomplish those last two.

From there, it is a small step to re-education camps, forced labor, abolishing all dissension, purges, executions, and "dictator for life".

Fasten your seat belts. We're in for a bumpy ride. But, this time, we may not survive.

Am I blowing this thing way out of proportion? Perhaps. But isn't it better to be safe than sorry?


Trader Rick said...

We old white guy veterans will be the last ones allowed at the national teats. May as well blow my brains out right now. Oops, no more ammo, OK, I'll just sledge hammer myself...or dive head first off t he barn roof.

Joe said...

We have elected a king. Or at least that's what President BO thinks.

Mark said...

What do you mean, "we", Kemosabe?

Lone Ranger said...

Did I hear someone say Kemosabe? I have to believe that there are too many people of integrity at every level of the military to have a military dictatorship in this country. Before that would happen, the JCS would frogmarch Obama out of the Oval Office in irons.

Mark said...

Sorry. I meant to say "white man". Forgive me for being forgetful, but... JCS?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Lone Ranger, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any one to frogmarch Obama out of the Oval Office in irons. I am of the firm belief that too many people lack the intestinal fortitude, which is sad because "if we don't stand together, we will hang alone."

Jim said...

ALL evidence to the contrary.

Trader Rick said...

I bet the JCS loathe having to serve under this boy.

Lone Ranger said...

It is politicians who lack integrity. Speaking from 24 years of experience, the military is one of the few branches of the government that works as intended.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Mark, you are not blowing anything out of perportion. His goal has always been to create a complete socialis state where government controls everything.

Remeber this is the guy who said that the Constitution is a series of negative liberties that dow not address what the government must do.

He beleives it si his duty to correct what he sees as a flawed Constitution. This is why he is so dangerous. He does not wnat to protect the Constitution but change the fundamental principles that have been the corner stone of our freedoms and have sustained and made American great since 1788.

Mark said...

I had to google it, but now I see. JCS = Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I don't know, LR, isn't the JCS picked by the president?

Carolin said...

"He will kill some industries such as oil and coal." What's wrong with that? We need to kill our dependence on foreign oil, that can't be a bad thing! I can't see how replacing oil and coal with different forms of green energy (which can be limitless; i.e., hydrogen, solar, wind, etc) is a bad thing...?

Mark said...

Carolin, Carolin...I said he will kill industries like oil and coal. I never said he would kill foreign oil. He won't do that. He wants us dependent on foreign oil. That's why he refuses to let us drill here and now.

But letr's assume you meant what's wrong with killing the oil and coal indistries? Well, for starters, Oil and coal are the only viable means of energy we have yet. "Green" energy is still too new and untried to be dependable in the here and now.

Ethanol is made from corn. If every car in America had to run on nothing but ethanol the amount of corn fields needed to manufacture enough of it would cover 90% of America's surface. Where would we live?

Shutting down our oil and coal industries would put thousands of people out of work, and result in a massive drain on our resources including electricity and gasoline, and on our economy as the government would then have to pay out hundreds of thousands in unemployment compensation.

That's just a few why's. Care to try for the trifecta?

Carolin said...

Your concerns of leaving thousands is a valid one, but that's why it would be in our best interest to have those people re-trained and working for companies that supply clean energy. I realize the "green energy" industry is still too new, but that's all the more reason why we need to agressively pursue this avenue. Flying a plane was once considered too new a technology, did that stop us from taking to the skies? It's all a trial and error - we've depended on oil and coal for so long that people have just become comfortable with sticking with it rather than explore better alternatives. It would surely be a painful transition, but a necessary one, I believe.

Krystal said...

I'd love to get into this. But I'm drinking away my troubles at the moment.

Can I just say that Obama is an asshat and be done with it?

Marshall Art said...

What BO has done or said in his first month in office should be enough to rile enough true conservatives to act with urgency. If what has already occurred is followed up with more of the same, then the mid-terms should result in enough of a shake-up to lessen the stranglehold of Dem influence. Reid is up for re-election. If this guy hasn't proven his stupidity to his Nevada constituents by now, there could be trouble ahead. But if they have any sense of shame and embarrassment at all, his seat could be there for the taking.

Only constant pressure from the grassroots will have any impact, and it has to be heavy and unrelenting. Schumer already believes that most people won't or don't care about "little" bits of pork in this stimulus bill. The fact is not many know the extent of the pork because it's 1,073 freakin' pages long. Such arrogance in an elected official is unconscionable and with what little funds each of us might have, we need to pay attention to where we might have a real opportunity to unseat a Dem/lib and contribute to the campaigns of solid conservatives. This goes for the Snow/Collins/Spector type of Republicans who don't deserve to represent the party.

Cameron said...


"Green Energy" is years and years away from replacing fossil fuels - at best.

If President Obama kills coal and oil now, then we'll be left with no fossil fuels and no green energy either.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Mark,
You are speaking my language! I like your Blog and your style. I write a Christian based Journal that also deals with helping other disabled combat Veterans deal with the corrupt VA system to get what they deserve.
Tell me what some of your hobbies are and where you hail from.

Tom S

Erudite Redneck said...

Re, "I bet the JCS loathe having to serve under this boy."

Just curious. Was that deliberate racism or accidental?

Mark said...

Jim, Your comment makes no sense. I won't reject it because I don't know whether it is insulting or not. I can't tell where you're going with your comment, so for now, I'll let it stand.

ER, Ricks comment is only racist if racists say it is. It takes one to know one.

Mark said...

Carolin, do you know oil is the main product in plastics? Do you have any idea how many "other than gasoline" uses there are for oil? Do you know coal is the main source of electricity, which is "clean" energy?

Have you ever considered how much more difficult life would be without these resources?

Are you aware that the idea of renewable energy violates one of the laws of thermo-dynamics? There is no such thing as "renewable energy".

Energy, once used, does not re-constitute itself. Scientists have been working on a perpetual motion machine for centuries. It is not possible.

Erudite Redneck said...

Snort. As a recovering garden-variety racist, I'll agree. I know 'em when I see 'em.

Jim said...

There is no such thing as "renewable energy".

Energy, once used, does not re-constitute itself.

Wow, so I guess once the wind blows through the turbine, it's gone and the supply of wind is not infinite. And water running through Hoover Dam's turbines once through is gone forever. And geothermal sources of energy are one-time use only. And using tidal flow to power turbines won't work because once the tide, goes out, that's it-energy's all gone.

Mark said...

I stand corrected. When I am wrong, I admit it.

I was thinking of the age old problem of trying to create energy by using energy. Once gasoline is converted into a combustible gas and used to ignite spark plugs, that energy is gone. Scientists have long been trying to come up with a way to make exhaust from the engine power the engine. When the word, "renewable" is used, that is what I think of. Sorry.

tugboatcapn said...

I would like for Jim to explain how I am supposed to run my truck on wind energy or water power.

I want someone to tell me what viable, affordable, readily available "green" source of energy I can use tomorrow morning to get me to work.

If we are going to do away with coal, and we aren't going to build any new Nukular Power Plants, but we are all going to drive electric cars, how are we going to generate all that electricity? (Even hybrids run on gasoline...)

Does anyone know if any scientists anywhere are currently designing a solar powered airliner?

Wind powered?


Rubber band powered?

We HAVE to break our addiction to Coal and Oil NOW!

Okay. Good.