Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What The ...?

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire." ~ Aristotle

The reason I began this blog in the first place is news stories like this one. The original intent was to write opinions on news stories that left me thinking, "What the ...?"

This one is such a story.

The resident didn't talk to the intruder? He didn't question him? He didn't attempt to get him out of his house? I suppose it's possible he didn't do any of these things, but.... why not? I found an intruder in my house back in Kansas City once, and I grabbed him and slammed him against the wall, and demanded to know what he was doing in my house. And he was bigger and stronger than me, too.

The deputy got warrants? Why? Isn't the fact that a man has illegally entered another man's house enough of a reason to arrest him without the need for a warrant? Plural warrants?

There is no indication given for what reason the intruder might have entered the home, but it was very cold here yesterday. Maybe he was just trying to warm up. Or maybe he, like me, wanted to make sure he didn't miss the 3:00PM showing of "Monk".

I'll bet the next time I hear anything about this will be the day the intruder is indicted.

And, I bet they still won't explain.


Joe said...

Plural warrants? Indeed.

There was a time when this man would have been shot first and questioned later.

While I don't advocate that, It is strange how many "rights" are afforded people who do anti-social things.

BTW: Monk makes me nervous.

Ms.Green said...


Who leaves their doors unlocked these days??
Every day, things get more turned upside down.

Trader Rick said...

I leave my doors unlocked, both house and cars. But we live deep in redstateville, way out in the country.

I think burglers don't target farmhouses because they know we are armed to the gills, have big dogs with nasty tempers, and are used to shooting varmits.

Gayle said...

What Trader Rick said goes for me too.

I wouldn't have attacked the man physically, but he would have found himself on the other end of a rifle barrel. I don't think he would have had any problem leaving. The problem is, there's a good chance he would have gone to the police and they would get a warrant and arrest me! Oh well... such is life when moonbats rule the roost.

They really shouldn't have needed a warrant to arrest him.

Gayle said...

Of course I meant if I lived where this man lives. I doubt I'd have to worry about being arrested in Texas where I'm at, but ya never know.

Lone Ranger said...

I went to a grocery store at about 3 am Tuesday because I needed something for my ankle pain. When I came out, there was a guy hovering near my car who just radiated menace. He took one look at the gun on my hip and decided he had forgotten an appointment. I saw him look back once as he walked away. I think I averted a crime -- against me.

Krystal said...

A warrant to arrest an intruder?! SERIOUSLY?

And if a woman calls for help because some man is attacking her, do they wait for a warrant then as well?

I had a man poking around my house several months ago while my husband was out of town (police found fresh tracks in the snow). He purposely made noise by hitting the side of my house, banging on the door, etc after calling me on my CELL PHONE. I called the cops out twice. He came back each time (live in the woods, many places to hide at midnight).

Each time he came back, he got closer. The third time he was on my screened in back porch.

That time I didn't call the cops back. I got out my gun, stood in front of the large glass doors I knew he was watching through, and loaded my gun.

He didn't come back.

Ms.Green said...

You go, girl. A good gun is the ultimate equalizer for any woman who knows how to use it.