Wednesday, October 08, 2008

President Obama

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." ~ Abraham Lincoln

In light of his dismal performance in last nights debate debacle, It appears John McCain may be conceding the election.

Or maybe he's just tired.

I don't know.

He's 72. Maybe the demands of constant campaigning are getting to him. Even a younger man in perfect health would tire from all that activity.

Remember when Obama explained that his statement about babies on breathalyzers was because he was tired?

Hey, it happens. That's why I haven't ridiculed him over that particular gaffe. It's perfectly understandable that Obama or anyone else might make silly statements under that kind of duress.

Except--McCain hasn't made any of those kinds of fatigue induced silly statements.

But I digress. We might grudgingly have to get used to the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama may be our next President. As distasteful as that is, it nevertheless is a distinct possibility.

With that frightening possibility in mind, I'm wondering how America would change under an Obama Presidency.

I'm thinking. Can you smell the smoke?

Obama has asserted that the first thing he would do as President would be to drastically cut military spending and work for nuclear non-proliferation. So, can we expect him, with the aid of a Democratic controlled Congress, to cut the military budget, along with the systematic gutting, if not dismantling, of our homeland security department? That would result in the the very real threat of another, more deadly terrorist attack, wouldn't it?

Will he raise taxes, mandate welfare checks to people who already don't pay taxes, and implement all kinds of spending programs for just about every Liberal social program that comes to his attention?

Are we to expect an effort to stifle free speech under the guise of a "fairness doctrine"?

Will he negotiate surrender in Iraq and sit down with insane dictators world-wide and agree to all kinds of concessions that will seriously endanger the United States' security and standing in the world?

Will he increase taxes again?

Will he cease all oil production and drilling in America, making America 100% dependant on foreign oil, at least until he can discover some sort of miracle alternative fuel that doesn't do any damage to the environment, and costs nothing to manufacture?

Will he institute a massive education program that will effectively indoctrinate all children in how to have sex and teach Marxist doctrinal principles?

Will he have to raise taxes some more to pay for all that?

I'm also thinking of who he would choose for his cabinet. For starters, would it surprise anyone if he chose Franklin Raines as his Secretary of the treasury? How about William Ayres as Secretary of Education? Will he throw a bone to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Defense?

Would that really surprise anyone?

In the interest of keeping my posts short, that's enough speculating for now. There's more. Much more that he can, might, or will do.

Perhaps my readers can add to the list of Obama's changes. How about it readers? What are your predictions?

You Libs can contribute, too. It's a free country.

For now.


Tonto said...

You sound as depressed as I do and for all the same reasons...I get the feeling that McCain is just too tired now to win or something.

I guess if Hillary couldn't beat him no one was going to slow this guy down.

What I wouldn't give for Hillary Clinton now...anyone less socialist than him!

Dan Trabue said...

I predict that the next president will have a hard row to hoe.

The economy is sick.

We are overly dependent on living beyond our means and in debt.

We are overly dependent upon fossil fuels and living beyond our means environmentally.

I would predict that an Obama presidency (or anyone who inherits this mess) will HAVE to start cutting back on our budget and making the gov't live within its means. That may mean cuts across the board, but I suspect that Obama will try to, as he has said, make reasonable "surgical" cuts.

For instance, if we cut $1 billion out of our infrastructure (roads, bridges, utilities) budgets and that has a result of costing us $2 billion due to degraded infrastructure (ie, it cost more to fix a bridge that has fallen down than to do upkeep on that bridge). In that case, cutting $1 billion would be stupid - it would lead to MORE expenses.

I suspect that the next president will have to look seriously at making cuts, but also at spending wisely.

NASA? I think it would be hard to justify a large budget there in tight times.

Investment in alternative fuels and increased efficiency/decreased consumption of energy? I think it will require wise investments on both market and gov't levels.

Whoever the next president is (I agree with you that it will likely be Obama) will have a rough time of leading a country that has been living beyond its means for too long. We ought to keep our leaders in our prayers and thoughts and support wise policy changes.

Mark said...

Wow! Dan? I have to admit that was a very thoughtful and respectful comment. Congratulations!

One thing though.

Onbama will never cut any spending except on defense. He will cut defense.

He has already stressed incessantly that he plans on increasing spending across the board. He has yet to say how he plans on paying for these increases.

But I think we all know.

Mark said...

Oh, and we NEED fossil fuels. Or do you think we can do without plastic?

Dan Trabue said...

Oh, and we NEED fossil fuels. Or do you think we can do without plastic?

I vote for living with much much much less plastic.

I advocate living within our means. If we can expect to have 100 billion barrels of oil a year for the next 500 years, then I suggest we only consume 100 (or less) billion barrels of oil, not 1 trillion.

I am in favor of personal and societal responsibility and living within our means. I think our next president will be faced with living out that reality.

Dan Trabue said...

As to what Obama will cut, here is what he has pledged:

Obama pledged to create a "high-performance team" to evaluate every federal agency and office. After such reviews, he said, "We will fire government managers who aren't getting results, we will cut funding for programs that are wasting your money, and we will use technology and lessons from the private sector to improve efficiency across every level of government -- because we cannot meet 21st century challenges with a 20th century bureaucracy..."

Obama renewed a pledge made in his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination to "go through the entire federal budget, page by page, line by line" and "eliminate the programs that don't work and aren't needed."

Sounds reasonable.

Gayle said...

Mark, it won't be a "free country" for long if Obama wins.

I'm not ready to give up yet. It ain't over 'till it's over and politics can change in a heartbeat. Last night's debate did stink, but a lot can happen between now and November 4th.

Mark said...

Re: "I advocate living within our means".

Well, Obama doesn't he wants to spend, spend, spend, and spend. And he wants us to pay taxes to pay for it all.

Mark said...

"Sounds reasonable"

Yes it does. But he has no intention of doing it. Except when it comes to cutting the defense budget.

Mark said...

OK, Folks, fun's fun, but no one is really answering the question asked. How will an Obama Presidency change America?

Dan, with all due respect, I didn't ask what issues will the next President have to address. Assuming Obama has already been elected, how will he change things?

Dan Trabue said...

How will he change things?

1. I don't believe he will invade countries unprovoked.

2. I believe he will begin to restore some integrity to the US in the eyes of the rest of world.

3. I believe he will end the Iraqi Invasion, letting the people of Iraq (who want us to leave) will honor their wishes and have a go at their democracy on their own.

4. I believe he will have to cut spending across the board, but not universally so.

5. I believe he will increase spending in some areas where it makes fiscal, logical sense.

6. I believe that the vast majority of citizens will NOT have their taxes raised, but that those who make over $250,000 a year will.

7. I believe he will begin our challenge of making us energy independent and will have made great progress by the end of his second term. I think ten - fifteen years from now, we will not be purchasing any significant amount of oil from foreign countries and I think that will be a major accomplishment. America is ready for this change.

for starters...

Anonymous said...

I know one way Obama can cut spending if elected. As soon as his Supreme Court nominees are esconced on the bench, he can elimanate Congress. It will be much cheaper to pay for 9 legislators, rather than 535.


Lone Ranger said...

I just put in an order to Malaysia for a new teak computer.

Mary said...

First, I am not ready to surrender to Obama. I refuse. There's no reason to be so defeated at this point. That's what the Left wants. Don't give up.

Yes, the debate was boring. But to me, the much younger Obama was as boring and as tired as McCain.

With some exceptions, they both seemed to be phoning it in. I do think that McCain is getting a bit of a raw deal though. He had some good moments last night.

Now, to address Mark's question--

It's easy to say that Obama would be Jimmy Carter's second term. I believe that would be the case. The country would be a mess on domestic issues and foreign policy. We would be weak and floundering.

In Carter's old age, he has become far more liberal and radical than he was as president.

With an Obama presidency, we would see that sort of extremism in action, right out of the Oval Office.

Obama would make us even more subservient to the government than we already are.

Obama is EXTREMELY liberal. As president, he would shape the Supreme Court in a way that would have disastrous consequences for generations.

It's difficult to be specific and detailed, Mark.

The answer to your question would make a good book.

Here's one specific change:

The Culture of Life would be under assault in this country like it's never been before. Obama is so extreme on the issue of abortion and he values life so little, that he is willing to keep life-saving medical care from being administered to a newborn survivor of a botched abortion.

Mark said...

For the record, and for anyone who reads the comments here:

I haen't given up on the outcome of the election yet. Who knows what can happen in the next 3-4 weeks? Maybe Obama will try to personally assassinate Sarah Palin.

(well, I wouldn't put it past him)

Anyway, if he was artrested, that would likely be one of the only reasons his lemming mentality followers might sbandon him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama will try to personally assassinate Sarah Palin.

(well, I wouldn't put it past him)

Is that a sick joke? Either way, it makes no sense. Palin is the best thing going for the Obama campaign.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

3. I believe he will end the Iraqi Invasion, letting the people of Iraq (who want us to leave) will honor their wishes and have a go at their democracy on their own.

Dan, the invasion is already drawing down, and it has nothing at all to do with Obama.

And you don't speak for all Iraqis. Of course everyone wants Americans to be able to come home.

Sorry, Mark. I'll pass on answering your question.

tugboatcapn said...

I keep coming back to my original thoughts when McCain was chosen to be the Republican Nominee.

It might be better if the Democrat Party had to wear the next four years around their neck, since they, and their ideology is the cause of it all, rather than a Republican Presidential administration with a Democrat at its head.

After Carter came Reagan.

Trader Rick said...

Christianity and Christians will be put on the defensive even more than they are now --they may have to go underground--their voices will be muzzled.

Talk Radio and the NRA will be muzzled.

Freedom of Speech as we know it will cease to exist.

Dan Trabue said...

Freedom of Speech as we know it will cease to exist.

It would appear that Rick is wholly unaware that freedom of speech is one of the causes which so-called liberals have traditionally championed.

You forgot to mention that mothers will start eating their children and cats and dogs will begin living together in sin.

Mass hysteria will ensue!!!

Henry said...

Al Gore as Secretary of the Interior?

Bill Clinton as Secretary of State?

John Edwards as Attorney General?

Cindy Sheehan as Secretary of Defense?

Al Sharpton as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?

Jeremiah Wright as Secretary of Health and Human Services?

The list goes on...


Al-Ozarka said...

I predict blood in the streets.

Al-Ozarka said...

"It would appear that Rick is wholly unaware that freedom of speech is one of the causes which so-called liberals have traditionally championed. - Danielsan

It would appear that Danielsan is wholly unaware that liberals champion only their OWN free-speech.

Dissent be damned!

Al-Ozarka said...

"As to what Obama will cut, here is what he has pledged:" - Danielsan

Dude! Even you have labeled your messiah as "a politician"

Do you really believe what he "pledges"?

Didn't he also "pledge" to stand by his spiritual mentor?

Didn't he "pledge" to take matching funds?

Etc., etc, and (sigh) etc.

Delusion becomes you, Dan.

Al-Ozarka said...

But then again...delusion has nothing to do with it. You just revel in pushing your leftist agenda truth be damned!

Anonymous said...

"Didn't he "pledge" to take matching funds?"

No, he did not.

Mark said...

Anon, If it weren't for Sarah Plain, Obama would have already won the election in a walk. Palin is the only reason the outcome of the election is still in doubt. She frightens Obama.

Be that as it may, Yes, you might say it's a sick joke, but not as sick a joke as an Obama Presidency would be. Only-the joke will be on his supporters after they realize how badly they were bamboozled.

I was only trying to think of what Obama would have to do to alieanate the lemming mentality voters who support him in spite of all his obvious flaws, inconsistencies, lies, and incompetence. Something as drastic as assassination of his percieved enemy seems to be only thing that would give Obamaniacs pause.

Now that I've dealt with that comment, I must insist that you confine yourself to the topic or I will be forced to implement my right to veto your comments.

Smithy, I don't understand why you would pass on answering the question. It is only meant to stimulate discussion. It is not intended to be advice to Obama, as if he reads my blog or something!

I still hold out hope that Americans will come to their collective senses and vote for McCain, or at least, against Obama.

Anonymous said...

Let me understand. I respond to a specific quote in a previous comment, even quoting the line itself, but I'm off topic and in danger of having my comment deleted? That's what you're saying? Was that comment then also off topic?

Hmmm..... O....K. I guess that's your prerogative.

Mark said...

I didn't ask you to respond to a comment. I asked how America would change under an Obama Presidency. Your response to my comment was off topic.

Trader Rick said...

I disagree with that one that "mass hysteria will ensue."

It already has--just listen to the spokesmen/spinners for the Obama campaign for proof--or the rantings of partisans like "dan trabue."

Look at what they're doing to try to smear Gov. Palin--if that's not Mass Hysteria, I can't imagine what would be.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the change of tone in Dan now that he thinks Obama will be our president. Notice how he thinks we should all pray for our president. I think he has been so angry with Bush ever since he was elected that his main thoughts for praying for him would be that he not live long enough to complete his terms. I've encouraged Dan to pray for President Bush many times before, but it was more of a rant that came back at me. mom2

Anonymous said...

Indoctrinate our children via the NEA apparachik.

Socialize medicine.

Suppress all dissenting speech.

Redistribute wealth. Paying themselves first, then doling out crumbs to the non-elite.

Nationalize the financial and insurance markets.

Take away gun ownership for Their own protection.

Will use law enforcement to pursecute political opposition.

We have seen this at work before. If these people obtain even more power, I predict a strong storm will envelope America, and it won’t be good for any of us. Our foreign enemies will attack us when our domestic enemies have us at our weakest, then what will you do?

Anonymous said...

"I didn't ask you to respond to a comment."

So, there's no dialog among commenters here? Just answer the question and say goodnight?

I thought this was a blog, not a quiz.