Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Am A Kool-Aid Drinker

"Oh, Yeah!" ~ Kool-Aid Man

I've been planning on saying this for a long time. I really hate it when I hear people calling other people Kool-Aid drinkers to describe them as crowd followers.

Conservatives refer to Liberals as Kool-Aid drinkers. Liberals refer to Conservatives as Kool-Aid drinkers. In my humble opinion, Liberals may drink Kool-Aid, but it must be laced with hallucinogens. That's the only logical explanation I know of for their lunatic notions.

And I understand the origin of the term. I know the term originated with Jim Jones and Jonestown, when he managed to convince over 900 of his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid in a mass suicide.

I get it.

I understand the term now applies to all those people so committed to a political cause or candidate that they senselessly ignore facts in conflict with their political viewpoint.

But I like Kool-Aid.

I am a Kool-Aid drinker and proud of it. But it has nothing to do with my political ideology.

If you want to classify Sheeple Liberals with some kind of catchy term, how about using the phrase, "Lemming mentality bleeding heart Liberal sob sisters"?

Oh Yeah! Works for me!


Marshall Art said...

That is a good alternative. I like it. A little wordy, but totally descriptive, in an accurate sort of way.

I was thinking: hallucinogens in my Kool-Aid. Hmmmm. There was a time... But no amount of psychodelics could make me see Obama as a good choice for prez. It would be a bad trip, as we used to say back in the day.

Trader Rick said...

When I was at Boy Scout camp they served Kool Ade in the Mess Hall and we called it "bug juice"--I guess because it attracted insects.

It is just colored sugar water, probably the worst thing on earth you can drink, besides gin.

During my ordeal for Order of the Arrow, they gave us bug juice to smear all over us, telling us it was mosquito repellant. yeah, that was nice.

Mark, I suggest you switch to White Tea.

Mark said...

I don't drink tea, Rick. Since I've been told to stay away from sugar in mmy diet, I drink diet sodas. I dont lke most diet sodas. I hate sugar free Kool-Aid, too. Diet Coke and Pepsi are horrible. I don't drink them. It seems to me that if soft drink manufacturers can make Diet Mountain Dew taste just like regular Mountain Dew, they could do the same for Pepsi and Coke. I don't know why they don't.

Recently, Pepsi came out with Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange, and then, as soon as I discovered I like it, they yanked it off the market. That tendency of Pepsico to shoot themselves in the foot is a subject for another blogpost.

Marshall, I too, had some experience with hallucinogens during my hippie period (early 70s). At a large outdoor three day concert once, someonbe passed some "Electric beer" through the crowd, and like a dummy, I took a swallow. Later, while driving down the highway, I almost wrecked my car when a huge chain link fence suddenly appeared across the highway in front of me.

Sometimes I wonder how I survived the 70's.

Lone Ranger said...

Actually, it's a myth that lemmings commit suicide by throwing themselves over a cliff, but that would an apt description if it were true. Kool Aid drinkers are people who are not only so committed to a political cause or candidate that they senselessly ignore facts in conflict with their political viewpoint, but people who will do so even to the point of their own destruction. That is what makes the Jim Jones reference so meaningful. Fresca just came out with a line of fruity diet drinks that are quite good. This isn't your daddy's Fresca -- or in our case, our Fresca.

Cameron said...

"I almost wrecked my car when a huge chain link fence suddenly appeared across the highway in front of me."

This has been a very enlightening post and comment string. :-)

I too enjoyed Kool-Aid as a kid. But I don't care for it now. Lots of sugar. I hate all no sugar/fake sugar drinks. Even the Diet Mountain Dew is bad. I can't stand the fake sugar after taste.

Timothy said...

Well Mark, I guess this is a blazing topic of interest... :)

Marshall Art said...

I'm a Pepper. The diet version gives me gas. I mean, far more than the one and only, and that's certainly far more info than I'm sure you'd all like to know.

While I work hard at sculpting my middle aged body into a force for good, I stick to distilled water. I drink it also to hydrate during ju justu classes. I find that for just that hour or two, drinking distilled water begins to really be satisfying, and I'm beginning to put off that next can of Pep. Truly there is nothing better for the body than pure water. It's all we were really designed to be drinking. Well, that and Pinot Noir.

Abouna said...

Pour me a tall glass of that there Kool-Aid and I'll drink to that.

I still love that sugary goodness and all sodas with sugar. Heck, if we gotta go, we might as well go happy.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh Come On Mark,

"Lemming mentality bleeding heart Liberal sob sisters"?????

That's to long lol

I'm just going to stick Liberal Kool-Aid drinkers it's shorter :-)

Ms.Green said...

You know, Jim Jones didn't actually convince every one of his followers to drink the kooaid. Evidence shows that some of them were forced to do so at gun-point.

Bos'un said...

I thouroghly enjoy this post. It sums up how I have been feeling of late. I cross posted it on my blogs, if you don't mind. And, I provided a link to give you credit. Good job!!

R/ Bosun

Daffy76 said...

Actually, the people at Jonestown drank Flavor-Aid--the cheap Kool-Aid knock-off that my grandmother would buy and make for us maybe once a year.

I like Kool-Aid too, but my kids fight over which flavor they like best.

I am a Pepper too. I find that the Diet version is quite addictive. I always loved their slogan--"tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper" which I always finish by saying "than what?"

blamin said...

I’m with you. We all secretly like kool-aid, even if it’s been 25 years from our last taste. The only diet drink I can tolerate (just barely) is light beer.

"Lemming mentality bleeding heart Liberal sob sisters"? How apt! If some find it to wordy, how about “pre-programmed automatons”?

Many like to throw around the “sheep” handle. Sheep is not necessarily a bad thing, if one has the true Shepard, that’s why “goat” (besides the biblical reference, they can be led anywhere, and will swallow anything) seems to be a less wordy but apt description of our lemming liberal sob sister brethren, in my humble opinion.