Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thoughts From A Typical White Person

"Unless man is committed to the belief that all mankind are his brothers, then he labors in vain and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality." ~ Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

After creating several posts wherein I pointed out Barack Hussein Obama's multiple shortcomings and lack of qualifications to be President, I was all set to, as our Liberal Democrat friends say, "move on". Even after Obama's latest gaffe, in which he called his white grandmother a "typical white person", I was still ready to discuss other subjects. That is, until I listened to Glenn Beck's radio program this morning.

I'm still chuckling.

A caller called in and explained that, as a typical white person, he was terrified of black people. So terrified, in fact, that the only thing that would ease his fear was the playing of music by Air Supply.

Of course, it was a comedy bit.

They played the fear of black people act way too long, but it hammered home an important point.

I must not be a typical white person since I wasn't offended by Obama's description of his grandmother's fear of black people. I'm still not offended.

How can one be offended by ignorance?

I've never been offended by the appellation "cracker", or "whitey", or "peckerwood". Why should being branded as "typical" offend me?

Because it carries the same connotation to me, a white man, as using the phrase, "you people" does to blacks.

So, I should be offended.

Beck reminded his listeners of Jimmy the Greek, a former bookmaker and commentator on some television sports program. For those who don't remember the story, Jimmy was fired from the sports program because he committed the unpardonable sin of voicing his belief that black athletes are stronger and faster than white athletes because it was "bred into them" . You know, just as Obama's grandmother's racism was "bred" into her. Jimmy the Greek was fired for making a personal observation. He may have been wrong or he may have been right. It makes no difference. In today's politically correct environment, he still had to be fired.

Obama has not been fired, or even questioned, for using the same language to describe his racist grandmother.

Then I realized if I had described any black person as "typical", I would have likely been arrested, tried, and thrown into the clink for committing a hate crime before I had time to spit.

And yet Hussein gets a pass by his Liberal Democrat Obamorons.

Jesse Jackson once said he would have felt afraid if he was confronted by a group of black men in a dark alley at night, and wouldn't have been as afraid if the same group were white. Does that make Jesse Jackson a "typical white person"?

Exactly what is a "typical white person"?

Apparently, Barry Hussein Obama would have us believe a typical white person cowers in fear at the sight of black people.

Just after listening to that segment of Glenn Beck's radio program, I was in a jewelry store when a FedEx driver entered and dropped off a package at the counter. He was black. I wasn't afraid of him.

I guess I'm not typical.

You know? I see black people every day. Sometimes I see them in large groups. Up until now, it never occurred to me to be afraid of them. Up until now, I've rarely taken note of the color of a person's skin. Unless they are specifically drawing my attention to their skin color.

Now, walking down a dark street through a gauntlet of people dressed and behaving like thugs makes me a little nervous, I admit. But that's because they are thugs. Skin pigmentation has nothing to do with how I react to their presence. Thugs can be white, too, and often are.

So now, Obama, who has been running as the candidate of "unification", has proven himself to be just as divisive as say... David Duke. Or Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Are the Liberal Democrat Obamorons ready to recognise his hypocrisy yet?


Abouna said...

The answer to your question is NO.

I may get into big trouble for this, especially by Dan, but it has been my experience that the black community seems to be much more prejudiced then whites, it appears that many of the Black leaders seem to want to keep racism front and center even though there is very little racist feelings among whites. Perhaps it is to hang on to their positions and keep the money rolling in.

I could be wrong, but as I said, this has been my experience.

Marshall Art said...

Stellar post, my man. "Typical" can be an epithet, can't it?

Regarding the Jimmy the Greek incident:

I've often wondered what the big deal was in pointing out the possibility that one race might be superior to another in certain ways. Humans being what we are, that same race would certainly be inferior to other races in other ways. For example, if we were to say that blacks can generally run faster than whites or asians, we could certainly do a study to see if that's true (or true-ish). So what? If they (and you know who "they" are) took two thousand of each of those three groups and gave them all the same battery of tests, we'd likely see that one group might excell at math, another at holding their breath, the third might knit better than the other two. Again, so what? It's meaningless in the area of equality (though perfect for strategy). It's perfectly logical and absolutely innocent to say that one race might be better at some things and less so at others. Yet at the same time we are all equal and children of God. Ain't that great?

ELAshley said...

"Obamorons" does not have the same zing as "Obamanations"

Trader Rick said...

I'm proud to be a Typical White Man--actually I'm an Angry White Man.

Marshall, What did in Jimmy the Greek was his description of black slaves being bred for size and strength by their plantation masters...We all know it happened, but nobody wanted to hear about it...

Obama and Hillary have shown their true colors--he is a Racist and she (who knew) is a Liar--and now the whole world knows.

November looks a little more bright now...

ELAshley said...

I agree, Abouna. Race-pimps like Jackson, Sharpton, and now Wright, earn their bread and butter on racism. They have no desire to see it truly disappear, or even recognize the genuine gains that have been made. To do so would put them out to pasture, out of business, and out of relevance except as byword, or footnote.

Timothy said...

I agree, the answer is no because then they would be typical liberals and Democrats. It's the atypical Liberal or Democrat that sees a great problem with both their candidates.

Henry said...

"it has been my experience that the black community seems to be much more prejudiced then whites"

Abouna, I suggest you check out Larry Elder's Ten Things You Can't Say in America. It's not just your experience; Larry has the stats to prove it. Don't just read that part either - the whole thing is a great read.

Anonymous said...