Friday, June 29, 2007

Fairness? Doctrine?

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." ~ Charles De Gaulle

So now the immigration bill is dead, thanks the people exerting their will to force their Congressmen to do what they hired them to do.

If an illegal immigrant obeyed his boss like our senators and congressmen obey their bosses (constituents), he would be fired and quite possibly be forced to sneak back across the border. And his employers would save themselves a buck fifty an hour until they can hire another illegal alien.

So now the bill is tabled until the Democrats win the next Presidential election. Well, I can wait. Can't you?

Now, the next issue that confronts us and threatens to destroy America from within, is the so-called fairness doctrine.

This issue is neither doctrinal or fair.

This is yet another pathetic attempt by the to stifle Conservatives first amendment rights to free speech. Not Liberals right to free speech. Conservatives.

Can you imagine the outrage that would pour from Conservatives if Liberals had control of the nations airwaves? What would happen if we were subjected to Liberal spin every time we turned on radio or television news?

Wait a minute. What am I saying? They already do control America's airwaves. If you don't believe that, turn on your television, click your remote to any news channel you wish. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, even FOX News. They are all overwhelmingly Liberal, although admittedly, FOX News isn't as Liberal as the others. But they do present Liberal viewpoints objectively.

When CNN or any of those others listed presents a point-counterpoint type panel discussion, the Liberal points are well represented, usually by 3-4 Liberal attorneys, politicians, and/or reporters. The usually lone Conservative viewpoint is well represented by the third vice president of The John Birch Society or something.

I have a novel idea. I think we should give the Democrats what they want. Allow equal time to Liberals during Conservative and religious talk radio shows. For instance, Rush has a three hour daily show. Let the Liberals have one and a half hours of Rush's show to state their point of view. They could put on someone who rivals Rush in popularity such as Janeane Garafalo or Al Franken.

OK. I'm kidding about Franken and Garafalo.

Hijack half of Focus on the Family to promote Al Gore's religion, Global Warming. Let's be fair, and give him a chance to convert the unbelievers.
Take one and a half hours of Sean Hannity's radio show and give it over to say...Alec Baldwin to present his side. I see nothing wrong with doing that.

After all, that's fair, isn't it?

After a couple of months, radio will go back to an all music, all the time format. Why? Because people will stop listening to talk radio altogether. It isn't that I want to return to radio stations that play nothing but music, but I think my suggestion would prove the point to those who wish to legislate equality in airtime.

See, Politicians can make laws making it illegal to present only one side of an issue all they want.

But they can't make people listen.

Actually, the only way the Democrats could force radio and television stations to present opposing views equally, and make it a success, would be to also make a law requiring the people to listen.

But then we would have a "Big Brother" society, and Democrats don't really want that, do they?


Francis Lynn said...

With the Democrats trying to bring back the Fairness Doctrine they are admitting to the power that Conservative talk-radio has.

The Dems are in la-la-land if they think they can legislate the market & consumers. Not too many radio stations or advertisers are going to be happy with the expense of a liberal counter-point to Limbaugh if that Liberal host brings in a paltry number of listeners.

But then, the Dems, those champions of democracy, freedom of speech & the little people have a tendency to become totalitarian in order to push their agendas. Then it's damn the little people.


What really is worse than this is trent lott calling for the same thing, even if he did try to back pedal.

While it is wrong of libs to try to silence dissent (wait didn't they tell us for two years that it was the greatest form of patriotism) it's what you can expect from them.

What I really can't stand is RINOs that violate their oath they swore before God to stiffle our God-given rights. To a great extent it's worse than ted kennedy's driving and the liberal hypocracy.

Trader Rick said...

Even the third Vice President of JBS would use more logic than the liberals polluting the halls of congress today...

BB-Idaho said...

Good points. It is simple for us libs to turn off the radio (except for NPR), as it is for conservites to not watch a Micheal Moore movie.
And, when or if "make a law requiring the people to listen." I hope my cell is free of Rush and Sean.. :)

ELAshley said...

Congress cares nothing for fairness, they wish only to silence the voices of Conservatism. If they were interested in "Fairness" they'd be demanding CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, C-Span, The New York Times editorial page, the Washington Post, that rag in St. Petersburg... If Congress were genuinely interested in "Fairness" they'd demand these Liberial Bastions of Jabberwockey Sensibilities allow equal time to Conservatives....

How long would Pelosi, Reid, and Co. keep their jobs if the networks and print powerhouses were FORCED to expose their liberal audiences to Conservatism?

Liberals do not care about preserving Free Speech... only controlling it. Which amounts to what Chavez did in Venezuela. What kind of country strictly controls the content of its airwaves?

Nations that produce leaders like Stalin, Hitler, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Castro, Chavez...... Reid, and Pelosi.

It's a shame our real enemy is not the Islamic nutcases who wish to kill themselves to get at a few of us. Instead we now discover our real enemies are those A-Holes who supposedly work for us: We the People.

But 'We the People' showed the A-Holes who's boss this week. But it appears they haven't caught on. It appears they'll need another demonstration from the REAL purveyors of power in this country....


Now is not the time to lay our weapons down. Now is the time to reload and draw a bead on anyone who steps out of line. Even if that 'anyone' is a Republican like Trent Lott, or John McCain.

But as I stated at my place, 'Stick a fork in him, McCain is done...' As presidential candidate, and as a U.S. Senator.

America will have to sink a lot farther than she has thus far before the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine has even a margin of possibility. There are too many 'Sergeant York''s in this nation to allow that to happen.

Chin up folks. Just like the Amnesty Bill, we got this one licked.

Marshall Art said...

"Actually, the only way the Democrats could force radio and television stations to present opposing views equally, and make it a success..." would be to come up with some ideas that inspire people to listen. The fact of the matter is that the left has been short on ideas for awhile now. Even if they want to insist on rehashing the usual lib/socialist policies, they could try to convince us their plans are sound ideas without insulting our intelligence or outright lying. But they simply don't seem to ever back stuff that enough people support. They won't attract listeners that way.

Jason H. Bowden said...

Since the left can hear their views echoed at CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and the Hollywood establishment, leftwing-radio is a bit redundant. In contrast, if the conservative viewpoint could be found beyond Fox and the Wall Street Journal, there would be no reason for conservative radio. Proponents of the fairness doctrine are missing this completely.

Plus what marshall said. The left has no new ideas besides recycled Marxism, and no one wants to hear ungrateful narcissists complain about how everything sucks.

Gayle said...

Great post, Marie!

Everyone here has about said it all, so all I have to say is that the Fairness Docrine is an oxymoron. Nothing about it is "fair"! What a crock! I don't believe it has a chance in Hades of passing.

Gayle said...

Oh my goodness, Mark! My apoligies. You don't look anything like a "Marie!"

I'll try to do better. Too many interruptions, I think. The phone rings and then I forget whose post I'm on. Forgiven???

Erudite Redneck said...

So, what was Lott's excuse? It sure wasn't because he "cares nothing for fairness, (and wishes) only to silence the voices of Conservatism."

Marshall Art said...

Lott's excuse was that the people were against him on the amnesty bill. He thinks it's soley because of talk radio hosts, as opposed to the people understanding what was going on. His time is past.

Marie's Two Cents said...

If they try to take away my 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh I will take to the streets and someone is going to get hurt.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Fair? More like "Whiners' Doctrine".

mudkitty said...

It's very telling when people are against fairness if this is the first or will ever be the last.