Friday, March 02, 2007

Don't Ask

"The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced." ~ Frank Zappa

Heard on the radio this morning while I was taking my son to school because the bus was late again:

Some county school system in Virginia (I forgot which one) has reported they have no way to track which students are "illegal immigrants". This is because...are you ready for this one? is illegal to ask an immigrant whether he is illegal or not.

Excuse me?

What part of the word "illegal" don't they understand?

Is it also illegal to ask a child molestor if he is a pedophile? Is it illegal to ask a murder suspect if he is a murderer? Is it illegal to ask an Islamic Jihadist if he is a terrorist?


That sound of rushing wind you just heard is millions of naturalized American citizens throwing up their hands.


mudkitty said...

Can you name me that statute so I can look it up. Because this is where the ACLU comes in handy. This is a first amendment issue. At least by the way you're presenting it.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

Time to hire the British Army Band to come back over here and play an encore of "The World Turned Upside Down"!

BTW...where do you come up with the quotes? Frank Zappa? LOL!

Francis Lynn said...

Gee - this a hot issue with me. I work for a scool district & deal with this every day. The Supreme Court ruled in "Plyler vs. Doe" in 1982 that schools had to accept children even though they were illegal.

They laid out some guide-lines, one of which was that the child or his parents could not be asked about their immigration status because it might have a "chilling effect" & dissuade the child from enrolling in school.

When I enroll a child I don't ask their status. But when I ask for child & parent ID, many show their passport/I-94 card. From that I can tell.

Most are on "tourist visa", but by Federal Law they cannot be educated if here only temporary. But since we can't ask status, they get educated on tourist visa.

Many of the tourist visas are expired or about to expire - meaning they are or about to become illegal. But we still put them in school. I pointed out once to a parent that the child's tourist visa was about to expire & he said, "She no go back. NO ONE EVER GO BACK." They alll come in legally with a visa but with no intention of going back to their country.

And I'm sick & tired of hearing that phrase from parents - "but in my country". Then go back to your cesspool country pal.

Had one father proudly showing me his fake i.d.'s & telling me how much they cost him, & he was a Teamsters union member to boot.

Many of them finished school in "their country" & only come here to learn English courtesy of US taxpayers. They are not going to school for education - only to learn English.

Some send their child to live with a relative in the USA. They show us a note in Spanish from the parent saying that Aunt Graciela will take care of the kid. Again, the kids gonna overstay the visa, & like we know that the parents really wrote the note.

Well - I won't go on. Just want ya to know it is sickening what's going on. For every US citizen I register for school, I register 5-8 non-citizens, whether they are here legally or not. Are our schools are being invaded.

But I do my part to get around the "chilling effect", wink wink. Screw them.

Francis Lynn said...

Forgot - go to this link & scroll down to Plylar vs Doe post & it will lay out all the horror of what we cannot do - like report them to Immigration or ask for Social Security numbers, etc, etc.

Abouna said...

The schools know damn well which students are here illegally. When I enrolled my sons in school many years ago, (They were adopted, three from Vietnam and one from Laos) I was required to show the school officials the boys'
"Green Cards", birth certificates and the adoption papers. I also had to show proof that each of the boys were properly immunized. they would NOT have been allowed to enroll in school if any of the above was not verified.

This "don't ask, don't tell" B.S., concerning legal immigration status is just some more "politically correct", "all inclusive", "Diversity" crap coming from the Liberal left One World, morally bankrupt crowd.

Here is something else to think about. All of the food processing plants in this country are using "undocumented immigrants" (illegals). These people sneak into our country and bring with them all kinds of diseases and viruses. I don't think that any of them have ever been immunized for anything. Then the greedy food processing plant owners hire them to process OUR foods and the end result is somanella and hepititise and what the hell else they bring in with them. And those that pick the fruits and vegetables are probably pissing and crapping all over it while the work, because they don't want to lose any money by having to run to the bathroom. Then we are the ones to suffer when we buy the crap and eat it.

Marshall Art said...

Well, Abouna. Thanks for THAT little mental picture.

Abouna said...

You are more than welcome, Marshall Art, I know it is disgusting, but in light of all the food and produce recalls because of contamination, it is most likely true.

mudkitty said...

Can you name the statute?

Kate said...

My granddaughter's school in Dallas USE to be a really good grade school. Now, few student speak English, so she's having to learn Spanish. The school has also become a trash bin, physically.

I get a tad passionate about the difference between immigrant and illegal. So many fail to even consider that there IS a difference, and that seriously chaps my hide!

mudkitty said...

Still no statute.

Also, who here claims to speak for or as a naturalized citizen, much less, millions of them?

Francis Lynn said...

mudkitty - there is no statute. It is Supreme Court ruling. Period.

blamin said...

Here's one for ya! We recently moved across state lines and wished to keep our child (kindergarten) in the same school for the remainder of the year.

You see my wife and I both work in the "old state" so it's much more convienent for him stay in his old school for the rest of this year. Not to mention, less disruptive for our child. He leaves school and spends the afternoon with me at work.

Well some how the "powers that be" found out about our move. Imagine my indignation when I was told I'd have to transfer my child to a new school 3 1/2 months before school is out. It doesn't matter that I pay taxes to the "old" state - because that's where I earn my wage, and it doesn't matter that there are illegal aliens going to the same school off my dime.

So now I'm told he must attend school in the "new" state, and since it is not physically possible for my wife or I to pick him up at an reasonalbe hour, he gets to spend even more hours of each day under the care of bueracratic endoctrination.

If I didn't know better, I'd think it was all planned!

mudkitty said...

Name the ruling. You can't name the statute, so name the ruling.

There's something bogus going on here.

If someone's/anyone's first amendment rights have been violated by a district or municipality, it's time to call the ACLU.

blamin said...

come, come, mudkitty, you should know the ACLU is very selective in who they defend. They will make an occasional attempt to seem unbiased in whom they defend, just for apperences, but for the most part they concentrate their considerable reasources on PC causes. Heck the ACLU is probably the reason you can't ask if the illegals are illegal.

mudkitty said...

False, Blamer, there are numerous chapters of the ACLU all over the country, and they take all comers from the left to the right. There are thousands upon thousands of cases the ACLU defends, that you never even hear about.

Often times, in free speech cases, the ACLU is involved with out-of-court settlements that you never hear about.

You need to look it up - it's called doing your homework. Nuthin wrong with that.

mudkitty said...

Am I amongst the "disappeared?"