Friday, June 30, 2006

Solving Problems

"Strong reasons make strong actions." ~ William Shakespeare

Yesterday, there were two events that headlined the news. One issue was the flag burning ban which was defeated in Congress by a narrow margin, and the other was a decision handed down by the Supreme Court striking down the President's handling of Iraqi War detainees, specifically, if I understand it right, making it law to try them in a civilian court rather than by Military tribunal.

I have a couple of brief statements about these events:

First, I believe that every citizen has a right to burn the flag if he is hateful of America enough to do so, but I think there ought to be some governmental regulations regarding it, to wit:

The flag to be burned must be made of a material that will not emit harmful or poisonous gases or hazardous materials while burning. It must be made of a material that doesn't smoke. We cannot allow the flag burner to pollute the air. Second hand smoke, we are told, is a major cause of cancer in people who don't smoke.

Also, we must require that the potential flag burner apply for a permit to burn the flag and require him to fill out forms (in triplicate) with information as to his name, social security number, address, phone numbers, bank account information, credit card information, and at least two forms of valid ID. He must also register for an "enemies of America list", so his anti-American activities can be monitored at all times. He must be required to submit to random drug testing and search and seizure at any time the government feels he may be planning a terrorist attack on America. All of his friends and relatives and casual acquaintances should be scrutinized, at any time and without a reason.

Secondly, on the issue of criminal trials for non-uniformed enemy combatants taken as prisoner in the GWOT:

This issue can be dealt with and disposed of quite simply. We only need to do what our erstwhile enemies do when they take prisoners.

Kill them.

I suppose it would be remiss of me to suggest we torture them indescribably, behead them, and then desecrate and mutilate their bodies. After all, we are civilized Americans, aren't we?

But the problem can be solved simply by not taking prisoners in the first place. At least, not keeping prisoners one minute after they have convinced us they either know nothing of value, or have convinced us we can learn no more than they have already told us. Once we obtain the information we desire from them, or, in case they refuse to talk, they are only taking up space and wasting oxygen.

If we try them or release them, there is always the very real possibility that they will only go back to doing what they were doing when we captured them, namely, blowing up innocent civilians and our soldiers.

So execute them.

No need for either a civilian court or a Military Tribunal. Just kill them. They would no doubt do the same to us.

There. Problems solved. And all before lunch! Oh, I love it when things zip along!


Old Soldier said...

There is one more consideration for allowing flag burning... that any person that kicks the living stew out of a flag-burner is immune from any possible prosecution associated with the act.

Lone Ranger said...

That's a little too complicated for me. I hate red tape. I'd just require that every American flag that is burned be wrapped around a Koran.

Erudite Redneck said...

"Kill them."

Wow! You've gone from bad joke, to farce, to thinly veiled hate, to overt hate, to pure evil.

I'm impressed. Takes most people years, and you've made the descent in only a few months!


Mark said...

Oh get off it, ER. Don't you recognize sarcasm when you see it anymore? Or have you gone all the way liberal and lost your sense if humor?

Mark said...

And by the way, ER, exactly how is that different from Liberals publishing state secrets in their Liberal newspapers, practically insuring more American lives will be lost? Lives lost are lives lost, aren't they?

I'm sure it doesn't make any difference to you Liberals whether they are American lives lost or Terrorists.

No, I take that back, You Liberals would prefer American lives be lost to your terrorists darlings.

Liam said...

Execution without the benefit of a trial? Good to see America is keeping to the moral highground and not descending to the level of the fanatics its fighting!

Francis Lynn said...

Let's reduce your 2 issues to 1:

Wrap the terrorists in American flags & burn them. Then everybody can be happy. Easy peasy.

Erudite Redneck said...

Let's see.

Shoot Mexicans as they come across the border. That wasn't sarcasm.

The "truth about evolution" -- hoo hoo -- that wasn't sarcasm.

You don't do sarcasm well. It's not your medium.

Pamela Reece said...

Zip, zip...done! I like it...lone ranger is right on!

Mark said...

No ER, the truth about evolution isn't sarcasm. It is the most ridiculous theory that the Libs ever attached themselves to. There is absolutely no evidence that anything even close to evolution has ever happened or will ever happen. There are more holes in it than the Albert Hall. Ther is no fossil record of transitional life forms. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe Michael Moore is sane.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that really believes in evolution has a few screws loose.

Erudite Redneck said...

Settle down, Mark. Here's my take on evolution:

I don't care.

What I was making fun of was the idea that you have the knowledge and background to assert *anything* about evolution other than the fact that you don't like it. 'Cause you don't.

I don't either. Which is why I don't have anything to say about it.

Never had any problem witb it. See no issue, vis-a-vis God.

Next "issue." :-)

Jim said...

The flag burning ammendment was defeated by one vote. Question: Why do you suppose that staunch conservatives Bennett of Utah and McConnell of Kentucky voted against it?

Goat said...


Mary said...

I consider myself a staunch conservative, at least relatively staunch.

Still, as despicable as I find flag burning to be, I don't think the Constitution should be amended to ban the act.

There's an advantage in being able to identify America-haters. I want to know who would choose to desecrate the symbol of my beloved country.

Free expression sometimes amounts to the freedom to dig one's own grave, metaphorically speaking of course.

Lone Ranger said...

What we need is a constitutional amendment to stop the left from burning unborn babies -- or flushing them down industrial-strength garbage disposals, or throwing them into dumpsters. Democrats used to set fire to black men after they lynched them. In Congress, they filibustered three times to block passage of a national anti-lynch law.

When you look at the long list of atrocities the Democrats have committed over the centuries, burning flags is pretty picayune.

rusty shakelford said...

At first I thought we should send them to the blue states. The terrorist would think to himself "man I thought I hated America" The only problem with this plan is they would just attack our country in the form of voting democrat.

Mike's America said...

Oh Mark, you knew you were going to be a lightning rod with that post!

I've always liked that photo of the flag. Can't remember if that's one that was hoisted for one of the funerals of our fallen soldiers.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice the cross that appears as the light shines through the field of blue stars.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

Mark, haven't you learned that only LIBERALS have the right to be farcicle and sarcastic?

You don't have a right as a conservative to be so!

Stop it, man, STOP IT!

The jack-boots may be on their way!

Dan Trabue said...

"haven't you learned that only LIBERALS have the right to be farcicle and sarcastic?"

Well, it's not so much that liberals are the only ones with the right to be farcical (farcicle, is that like a popcicle?) and sarcastic, it's just that we're the only ones who are good at it...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Well, it's not so much that liberals are the only ones with the right to be farcical (farcicle, is that like a popcicle?) and sarcastic, it's just that we're the only ones who are good at it...

OMG, Dan! That is so perceptive and astute! I think I may have to blog that, becaue your point is so eloquently made! frickin' brilliant is that, folks? Dan's the man!

Poison Pero said...

Old Soldier said...
There is one more consideration for allowing flag burning... that any person that kicks the living stew out of a flag-burner is immune from any possible prosecution associated with the act.

Also, I wonder if the courts would take the same view of people burning "Rainbow" flags at a Gay Pride Parade.

I doubt it.......That would be "hate speech," instead of "freedom of speech."
Hey ER, has Mark passed me yet?

Lone Ranger said...

Here isan example of liberal humor. Yup, they're really good at it. Liberals are a hoot -- in a sick, twisted, history of abuse kind of way.

Erudite Redneck said...

Pero, you still hold title as Rightiest of the Righty Rights, if that's what yer referrin' to.

Mark, except for a slight detour caused by -- as most detours are :-) -- a female, is tryin' hard to catch up to you, tho. Hoo hoo.

Erudite Redneck said...

Pero, I just glanced at yer The Right is Right.

For give me. Mark is a lib by way of comparison. ;-)

I'm thinking of presenting you with the ER Rightiest of the Righty Right Lifetime Achievement Award(tm)!

Poison Pero said...

If I may ask, ER, what is it that makes me so far out in your mind?

I looked at my site, and tried to find something that was over the top, and couldn't find anything.

That said, I take your award as a badge of honor;)

Erudite Redneck said...

Pero, the Rightiest of the Righty Right(tm) award is not based on whether someone is "over the top."

You and your site are the most consistent, and honest and upfront, and actually conservative, of all the people I've ever seen seen post on this blog.

You are one of the few here that I take seriously. As far as I can remember, you have never attacked me personally -- at least, not beyond the kind of punching and jabbing that is acceptable, and expected, on a political-oriented blog.

You and I agree on much, although we probably disagree on more. But I respect you, which is more than I can say about most of the righty rabble around here.

Dan Trabue said...

In an attempt at sarcasm, WS said:

"OMG, Dan! That is so perceptive and astute! I think I may have to blog that, becaue your point is so eloquently made!"

Nice try, WS, but a bit heavy-handed and over-the-top. You're trying too hard, that is, unless you're trying to prove my point that the Right is devoid of humor.

(And, by the way, that is a joke. You guys are funny all the time.)

Dan Trabue said...

PP asked:
"If I may ask, ER, what is it that makes me so far out in your mind?"

Quotes from PP's Page:

"West faces another 'barbarian invasion'"

[gotta love the reduction of humans to barbarians. And the Reeps wonder why they have a hard time getting the minority vote?]

PP's site also says:
"They came to Rome to rape, pillage and destroy...This term goes for any group who comes to America to do likewise. Particularly the Islamists."

[Yeah, most of the billion or so "Islamists" in the world are all about raping, pillaging and destroying.]

And he says this:

We should be stringing up the Congressmen [(R) and (D)] who are forcing this on us by caving into the radical environMENTALists."

[Yes. That's right. It's the environMENTALists who are to blame for our dependence upon oil.

Would you like me to go on? Of course, I'm sure to you there is nothing at all wrong with these messages. Which is why you seem perplexed, wondering what you've said that is so nutty that ER criticized you.

But trust me, the majority of US citizens who think that our neighbors to the south are people and not barbarians, that Muslims are a religion peopled with good and bad followers, that we truly need to change our ways and end our dependence upon fossil fuels and who support environmentalism...this majority would find your comments less than helpful.

Etchen said...

Happy 4th of July!(I know, a day early, but I wasn't sure if you would be around tom or not) ;-)

Erudite Redneck said...

Dan, I think Pero is pretty mainstream for the current crop of Repubs. So, not "over the top" for his own party. Over the top for me, definitely.

But I still stand by my assessment. Some of the people around here are buffoons. I don't think Pero is one of 'em.

Poison Pero said...

Thx, ER.......Sorry you feel that way Dan.

I'm glad to see you took the time to look at my glossary and/or bio, though........I take none of it back, and say what I mean/mean what I say.

Both of you are more than welcome to come by any time and be a countering voice......Or maybe even one in agreement when that may happen.

Dan Trabue said...

"Sorry you feel that way Dan."

What way is that? That you're out of the mainstream or that I don't think our neighbors to the south and Muslims are barbarians?

Poison Pero said...

All of the above........And don't kid yourself, I'm more in the mainstream than you want to admit.

Mark said...

A recent poll, (you know how you liberals love polls) says that 71% of Conservatives are proud to ne Americans, while only 42% of Liberals are proud to be Americans...Is that the "mainstream" you're talking about, Dan?

Are you proud to be an American?

Your comments don't usually demonstrate that.

Erudite Redneck said...

Dan, dude. I think Pero is right. He is definitely mainstream Repub. And right-wingism is all the rage. (Deliberate pun).

Dan Trabue said...

"Are you proud to be an American?

Your comments don't usually demonstrate that."

I'm proud to be an American oftentimes but I'm not blindly proud. When America sins (if you'll excuse the religious terminology), I'll call it a sin. When we commit war crimes and then ignore world court decisions against us, I'm deeply embarrassed. When we invade a country unprovoked on the immoral and questionably legal "preemptive strike" policey, I'm deeply embarrassed.

Now, to further clarify, I'm deeply embarrassed of our leaders who make those decisions and, to the degree that the People don't hold them accountable for crimes and misdemeanors, I'm deeply embarrassed for the popular majority.

On the other hand, I'm way proud of our Constitution, of what we say are American ideals. It's just that when we don't live up to them that I'm embarrassed.

Would you suggest that I be proud when we don't live up to them?

Mark said...

Dan you say your'e proud of our constitution...Are you referrinmg to THE constitution or the Libs idea of what you all think it means?

Would you suggest that I be proud when we don't live up to them?

Dan, Yes.

Why don't you move to France or some other socialist country since you seem to prefer that system.

Erudite Redneck said...

Mark, are you drinking?

It's the only explanation: You're drunk.

On something, Maybe not alcohol. But something.

People can and do make real, logical arguments for the positions you hold. You should -- at least -- try to mimic them.

My don't you move to Poland, 1938?

Erudite Redneck said...

Oh, BTW, Dan was probably referring to what SCOTUS says the Constitution means, which is, actually, what the Constitution means.

Dan Trabue said...

"Would you suggest that I be proud when we don't live up to them?

Dan, Yes."

Oh really? "My country, right or wrong?"

Mark, you have children (as do I). When they misbehave, is it a loving or moral thing to do to dismiss that behavior out of "love"?

"Well, sure, he kicked the dog, but I'm proud of him anyway, darnit! The dog probably had it coming!"

As to suggesting that I leave my homeland, I'll use the same family illustration. Suppose my kids threw a party and messed up part of the house. Would you have me leave the house for them to continue to destroy it or would you have me stay and discipline my children, encourage them to do and live right?

No, thanks. This is my country and I love it enough to fight for her ideals and not allow a few thugs to steal her from me.

Dan Trabue said...

PP said:
"And don't kid yourself, I'm more in the mainstream than you want to admit."

On the environment and energy issues:
# 86% are concerned about the quality of our environment, with 57% "very concerned."
# 66% believe that environmental problems are a major threat to the country's well-being.
# 87% worry about the "pollution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs."
# 82% worry about "air pollution."
# 63% believe we will face a major energy crisis in the next 50 years.
# Approximately two-thirds (67%) believe that it is more important to protect the environment than to ensure economic growth.

On immigration and your pronouncement that Muslims and Mexicans are "barbarians," I'd reckon that you may be in the mainstream insofar as we all think immigration issues are a concern (I do, along with most of the US, according to polls). But, unless you think the majority of the US is bigoted (which I don't), then you're out of the mainstream on your barbarian-related feelings towards "the others."

Trust me. Most of what you pontificate upon is not in the mainstream. Which is not always a bad thing. I know that I'm often not in the mainstream either.

But in your case, it is a bad thing!

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