Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

"To the 58,000 + on the Wall that perished in Viet Nam, a grateful nation salutes you, and the families of the fallen---we will never forget or forsake those who committed this ultimate sacrifice.

To the thousands of heroes that have perished after 9/11, (that joined in the fight against the radical Islamic Jihadist)---we will never forget or forsake those who committed this ultimate sacrifice. 

To the hundreds of thousand that perished in our two World Wars and the Korean conflict, (that put a stop to the tyrannical dictators and the facilitators of fascism)---we will never forget or forsake those who committed this ultimate sacrifice. 

 From still a grateful nation, every one of you are in our hearts, our minds, and our prayers on this day. For it is the fallen that remind us that the price of freedom has been paid dearly in the flesh and blood of our greatest defenders---OUR MILITARY HEROES. GOD BLESS THEM ONE AND ALL!" ~ A commenter on a Newsbuster's article


Trader Rick said...


Anonymous said...

"who clings to my guns and my religion with antipathy toward any of those Liberals who don't have the intelligence and/or common sense to agree with me"
Hitler felt the same way. No surprise. See a shrink, let him tell you the perverted, sick mind that believes ALL should think like you

Trader Rick said...

"It is generally accepted that whoever is the first to play the "Hitler card" has lost the argument as well as any trace of respect, as having to resort to comparing your adversary to the most infamous mass-murdering dictator in history generally means you've run out of better arguments. Thus, once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress. This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin's law."

Z said...

I guess you know about this:

so sad and so inappropriate.

Marshall Art said...

T Rick,

I'm baffled at where anon got that quote and why he thinks it is relevant to this post. Am I missing something? Right now it seems he is: the boat.

Trader Rick said...

M. Art:

Maybe here:

Mark said...

Actually, Rick, that "quote" is what I have on my blog's front page directly below the title.

But, I am surprised by a couple of things:

1.That you read ER's blog.

2. That I never knew ER and his friends had such vile things to say about me, particularly regarding such an innocuous and inoffensive blogpost.

Mark said...

I suppose it's about time I wrote another blog post, but I just don't seem to be motivated.