Friday, November 11, 2011


"It is well that war is so terrible - otherwise we would grow too fond of it." ~ Robert E. Lee (1807 - 1870), Statement at the Battle of Fredericksburg (13th December 1862)

Veteran's Day, once known as Armistice day, began as a commemoration of the signing of the armistice to end the first World War. At the time, it was known as "The Great War", and "A war to end all wars".

Oh, if that were so!

On November 11, 1918, at 11:00 A.M. a conditional surrender was signed by representatives of the German army and the allies in a box car in Compi├Ęgne, France.

Remember in reverence all our troops who fought in all wars, and those who still fight today.


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Ducky's here said...

interesting quote from Lee who was keen on the tactics of mass slaughter that would serve the world so well in WW I.

Trader Rick said...

Ducky, you're an ignorant mean spirited asshole!

Trader Rick said...

Actually it was Sherman who waged total war...including destruction of civilian infrastructure...and hated it, but did it to bring an end to the carnage as quickly as possible:

"You don’t know the horrible aspects of war. I’ve been through two wars and I know. I’ve seen cities and homes in ashes. I’ve seen thousands of men lying on the ground, their dead faces looking up at the skies. I tell you, war is Hell!"

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Oh, Darn! The video says THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATHILDA and I thought it mean MY BAND (Robby Robertson, Levon Helm, etc...)...I settled back to enjoy and there are TENORS SINGING (ARGH!)
Just kidding, I liked it and I love that song.

Trader Rick...well said.

Ducky, do you really have that little a heart? People DO have to do things that they don't like for a larger'd negate his comment for that? My GOD....what an inner life you must lead. shiver

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