Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Justice And Injustice

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

A Facebook acquaintance of mine posted this link on his Facebook page. This, coupled with the recent news of the release of convicted murderess Amanda Knox, I find disturbing.

How is it we Americans celebrate the release of a murderer (Amanda Knox) but say nothing when a Christian Pastor (Yosef Nadarkhani) may be given the death sentence for nothing more than being a Christian?

It was American's outrage over the remote possibility that Amanda Knox "might" be innocent (despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary) that pressured an Italian Court to reverse her conviction.

Where is our outrage now?

We already know why Liberals are not outraged over this obvious dichotomy. Lone Ranger's Immutable truths about Liberals number 20: When given a moral choice, liberals always come down on the wrong side of the fence.

But why don't we hear more from the Conservative community?

Conservatives and Christians need to raise as much or more of a ruckus over this injustice as the uninformed American masses did in the Knox case.


Ducky's here said...

She's a murderer? The omniscient Mark sees all again. Fact is the prosecution screwed up big time.

Marshall Art said...

At the risk of being seen as siding with Bucky, I must say that from what little I've read of Knox, there were issues regarding evidence or some such that upon review on appeal was ruled to be crap and not enough to convict on murder charges.

Anytime an American is being tried by a foreign court, I think it is likely natural for Americans to, at the very least, hope the defendant is found not guilty. The foreign court is generally felt to be less than what we like to think our is.

Personally, I have been more drawn to the case of the Christian pastor. When any little word spoken against Islam in this country is seen by some as some level of persecution, here's a Christian guy facing death for absolutely nothing more than being an Iranian Christian. Any member of our government involved with that country needs to be screaming about the injustice of it, and our prez should be making noise as well, encouraging leaders of other nations to speak out as well. A sanction or two wouldn't hurt.

Mark said...

Knox changed her alibi several times. She reported a burglary before her roommates body was found, but as it turned out, the burglary was faked. She told the police the victim always locked her bedroom door, but later, her other roommate told them the victim never locked her door.

When the police finally broke down the locked door and discovered the body, everyone at the scene crowded around the door to see what was on the other side except Knox and her co-defendant. They stayed across the room, acting as if they didn't care what was on the other side of the door, or maybe, because they already knew.

She also tried to blame her boss who didn't even know her roommate, and was seen by 100's of eyewitnesses the night of the murder at his business. All night.

In short, Amanda Knox's several different alibis had more holes in it than Albert Hall. She is G-U-I-L-T-Y.

Mark said...

On the other hand, the Iranian Pastor is only guilty of being a Christian.

As I asked previously -- Where's the outrage?

There will be none from Ducky, for sure. He's an Islamic terrorist sympathizer.

Marshall Art said...

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to defend Knox, but only stating what the reports have said about the case, and my opinions as to why American interest in her case might be stronger than for the Iranian priest.

Ducky's here said...

So what do we do, Mark, nuke Tehran?

Marshall Art said...


Already international attention to this case has resulted in an alteration of the charges against the priest. Continued attention could be all that is necessary for them to let the dude go. There is a limit to what we can or should do in these types of cases, but to do absolutely nothing is not one of the options.

Z said...

Mark, there is evidence that she was there, including footprints that they did not retract from the evidence that some did withdraw.....but, who knows?
Whether she's guilty of not, I agree with you; where is the outrage for the Christians in Iran?
THey started hauling them in Christmas morning last year and I figure the numbers of converts to Christ are gaining as big as I've heard they are from missionaries or they wouldn't have started this purge.
I've been praying for that pastor for a while now and have sent the info to my Iranian Christian-convert friends. They have list upon list of Christians in prisons in Iran.
Yet the leftwingers in America call Christians here intolerant. It's unreal.

And, don't forget; we send money to repair mosques to muslim countries.

Marshall Art...well said.

Ducky's here said...

Yes, Marshall Art, in fact there may be a ruling any day now.

We know that international opinion is at work and has often been effective in stopping similar egregious cases but Mark seems to feel it's being ignored.

Marshall Art said...

There's no connection, Chucky. What happens diplomatically doesn't necessarily result in widespread coverage by American media. Obviously, it is not getting the attention of the Knox case, and I'd guess that what attention it IS getting is the result of pressure originating from a few more directly connected to the case alerting other Christians initially.

Ducky's here said...

Marshall, ever hear of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, two organizations you probably consider leftist.

Have they been active on this matter?

Human Rights Watch probably has more juice than the useless American State Department.

Marshall Art said...

Sure, Plucky,

I've heard of both of them. So what? I have no idea of their involvement. So what? I refer you again to the point of the post: that a kid on trial for her life due to suspicion of murder in Italy is getting more notice than a man who's life is at risk for simply being a Christian. Why can't you libs stay on topic?

Trader Rick said...

"Why can't you libs stay on topic?"



Marshall Art said...

You get a shiny gold star, Trader Rick. It's far easier to change the subject than to answer the question.

Trader Rick said...

WE KNOW who you are, O'Bama. Have you guys seen the photo of the boy president sitting in a bar with some unemployed guys? The are all drinking Buds out of the bottle; Barry is drinking a Guiness out of a pint glass.

Marshall Art said...

I love Guiness. I'm wearing right now my Guiness shirt from its 250th anniversary.

It's funny. Of the two worst presidents in my lifetime, they both had a beer-related positive. Barry drinking Guiness, and Carter enacting a policy that led to all the micro-brews we now enjoy.