Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Destroy America Part 1

"The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty." ~ Eugene McCarthy*

Well, it's over. The House has passed it's sweeping health care reform bill and Obama has signed it into law.

The local newspaper had a brief summary published on Monday morning. I lost my copy since then. I think my wife threw it away. Anyway, I read the summary of some of the highlights and I only remember the points that were particularly provoking.

One point was this:

Insurance companies will have to sell health insurance policies to people with pre-existing conditions. Any pre-existing conditions. Including Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and all diseases and maladies that cost millions of dollars and last over decades.

By the way, anytime you read the word, "government", read "you". Because you and I are the government. Anytime the government (you) gives money to anyone regardless of the reason or the form of payment, whether it's cash, credit, etc, it comes out of our pockets.

Keep that in mind when you read summaries of the health care reform bill.

There is a reason health insurance companies haven't accepted pre-existing conditions previously:

They can't afford to pay the benefits.

It makes no difference how much they charge for premiums. But, just for arguments sake, what if they could charge enough for premiums to pay for all the pre-existing life long debilitating and expensive health issues and procedures?

No one could afford to pay the premiums.

So, how does the Government propose to address this obvious problem?

They (we) propose to supply subsidies to help those who can't afford the premiums. What they don't tell you is where this subsidy money will come from. Want a hint?

Can you spell t-a-x-e-s?

(and by the way, what if those subsidies aren't sufficient to pay the premiums that we have to pay to avoid fines or jail time?)

So, what happens to health insurance companies that are forced to charge so much for premiums that no one can afford to pay them?

Well, after no one pays their premiums (which the government has decreed we must do or go to jail), because they can't afford them, because the insurance companies have had to raise prices astronomically, the insurance companies will have to file for bankruptcy and go out of business.

What happens when the health insurance companies go out of business?

Well, the government can now step in and complete their takeover of the Health insurance industry.

But wait. There's more!

Private companies will have to provide health insurance coverage to their employees. No matter how high the premiums. If they don't (or can't) pay the ridiculously high premiums, they face heavy fines.

Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

What happens when private companies can't pay the insurance premiums?

They file for bankruptcy and go out of business.

Which, again, clears the way for the Government (Obama) to complete the takeover of private industry in America.

If this continues unabated, eventually, Obama will have unfettered control of every man, woman, and child in America.

Just as I (and others) predicted way back before Obama even won the presidency: the official advent of Socialism in America.

Representative John Dingell (D), Michigan understands Obama's agenda:

Do I even have to explain how the other points will lead to the destruction of America as we know it?

Isn't this enough?

*Commentary on the opening quote: At least Obama runs an efficient bureaucracy. He's got at least that going for him.


LoneWolfArcher said...

Well put. Socialism nicely sums up the health care bill.

Sickening as it is......

Tonto said...

I know I am sick...I am starting to think that ignorance to all of this maybe the only antidote...knowing the truth becomes harder to live with.

Krystal said...

Obama said years ago that his goal is eventually to have a single payer system ... which I'm sure he and his family will be exempt from.

Jim said...

Something like 40% of the country is already on a single-payer system. Seniors on Medicare, US active duty military, federal employees, veterans.

75% of folks on Medicare love it. Why not make everyone eligible?

Trader Rick said...

I'm glad most of my life is behind me. I regret that my son will have to live in an Amerika in decline.

Mark said...

Why not make our President and our Representatives eligible? If it's so wonderful (and BTW, People don't love Medicare. It's the only thing they've got, so they tolerate it), why won't the President enroll in it?

Krystal said...

Jim, I know too many people on Medicare who can't find a good local doctor who takes it, can't get in to a specialist (if they can find one) in a timely fashion, and has hassles with getting their medication to believe that 70% of people on medicare love it.

As for what veterans have? Are you at ALL aware of all the problems regarding the medical care provided to veterans???!!! The FIGHT they have to put up to get what they're "entitled" to and were "guaranteed" to have???!!! Are you aware of the backlog?! Are you aware that the government is shutting down veteran hospitals all over the country so that veterans can't even GET to one?!

It's what we're ALL going to facing soon.

Thanks for reminding me that we already HAVE single payer government insurance that is PROVEN to not work!

Here are a few article which relay the myriad of problems with amazing veterans' government system you appear to espouse as a shining example of what's to come.

I'm purposing posting older articles before a recent one in order to show that problems that were pointed out BACK IN 1991 were not resolved, but actually WORSE YEARS LATER in 2009!,2933,257960,00.html

THIS is what you think Americans want??? Hey, give it to those who are uninsured, but don't force it on me!!! I'd rather pay for GOOD health care out of my back pocket than worry about infection due to dirty medical equipment, thank you!!

Krystal said...

BTW, I *AM* one of the uninsured, and I don't want it either!!!

Jim said...

don't force it on me!!! I'd rather pay for GOOD health care out of my back pocket.

Of course, and you should do just that. Nobody is forcing you to buy any government insurance policy. There is no public option and if there were, it would be optional, hence the name public OPTION.

As to the articles you've cited, the brain injury one is off topic. Although there have been reports about poor care at VA hospitals, there have been significant improvements in just that past couple of years. And the vast majority of veterans covered by government health insurance are not in VA hospitals. Most are covered by Tricare, one of the most highly regarded health care providers in the country. My dad was on Tricare for 25 years and never had a complaint or a problem. And during that whole time he was treated by private doctors private clinics and private hospitals.

It's always easy to find the exceptions that will seem to back up the fears promoted by the anti-health care bunch. But for every such "horror story" you dredge up, there are as many if not more about people who are victims of the so-called best health care system in the world.

Krystal said...

i "Nobody is forcing you to buy any government insurance policy. "

This was just the first step. Obama said himself that his eventual goal is a single payer system.

And don't tell me about the improvements in veteran care. My husband is a vet.

My brother-in-law is a vet.

I have a few cousins that are vets.

Two uncles are vets.

My best friend for over 30 years? Married to a vet.

I'm pretty sure I know first hand how "great" the care is ...

Jim said...

Krystal, thanks to your husband and other family members and friends for their service.

So, is your husband eligible for Tricare for Life? If so, is he enrolled? If so, what sort of issues is he having with it? Any?

Same with relatives and friends. Have any of them had bad experiences with Tricare? Have any of them been in VA hospitals and been mal-treated?

I'd honestly like to hear their side.