Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Response To A Useful Idiot For Obama

"Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself hath said, 'This is my own, my native land!'" ~ Sir Walter Scott

In a post on Trader Rick's blog, in which he posted the following video,

an obvious Obama apologist named Wulf offered the following comment:

I'm always amazed at the talented people out there who can take 100's of hours of video and audio and make some thing new.
Here's a good example:


Rick responded, "not quite the same thing, bro...."

To which Wulf countered, "It is and it isn't. It's easy to take any media out of context and use to further an idea."

I watched as much of the video he linked to as I could, which led me to respond to that, before I watched Rick's video, and since my comment was so lengthy, I decided to post it in it's entirety here:

Yes, Wulf, it's easy to take any media out of context, but in Obama's case it would require the willing suspension of disbelief to ignore all the warning signs, such as those demonstrated in the video, his incessant apologies to our enemies, his statements that we are not a Christian nation, that we are a Muslim nation, his bowing and fawning to our enemies, his love affairs with every evil, communist dictator in the world, his snubbing our allies' leaders, his reckless policies that treat enemy combatants as if they are merely common criminals, his background of Muslim education, his Muslim father, his questionable birthplace, his hatred and disrespect for the Constitution, his choice of friends, acquaintances, mentors, and subversive cabinet members and judges, his cavalier attitude regarding national security, his socializing of medicine (which hasn't worked in any socialist country where it has been tried, and won't work here), etc.

If he isn't a closet Muslim intent on destroying "The great Satan" from within, he is at least a Marxist, intent on creating a Marxist state right here in the land of the free.

And with useful idiots like you to help drive his agenda, Wulf, it's easy to see how he might accomplish such lofty goals.

God have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

As I've always maintained, he may not be a Muslim, but he sure isn't a Christian. I'm pretty sure he worships the guy in the mirror.

Krystal said...

He's the antichrist.

Just kidding ... kind of ...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

None are so blind as they who refuse to see or so deaf as they who refuse to hear.

I have been hearing, lately, more and more people saying: "It is too bad we know what Obama really meant when he said he wanted to 'fundamentally Change America'." I'm sorry, but both he and Michelle were very clear what he intended to do. How much plainer could he have been when he talked about redistribution of wealth, or when Michelle stated that we have to change our history and traditions, or when she said "When my husband is elected, he will MAKE people do things they don't want to do,"?

And in one of his books, Obama stated very clearly, "If the political winds take a turn for the worst, I will side with the Palestinians."

Yes, he was VERY clear as to what his intentions were and are for America. I have said many times, the American people who voted for Obama heard him talk, but they did not listen to what he said.

I cannot understand why his personal favor ability polls still remain so high.

The man is a traitor and should be treated as such.

Joe said...

I must agree with Most Reverend Gregori...President BO is a traiter. He will never, however, be treated as one.

He gives comfort to the enemy and derides this country.

If he does not believe we are the "Great Satan," then he had better start acting as though he doesn't.

Marshall Art said...

I think you guys are focusing on the wrong things. Barry's more concerned with being president than he is with doing the work of a president. He's an image guy who, right now, is concerned that his image will be that of another impotent Jimma Carter.

I also don't think he's a religious guy at all, either Christian OR Muslim, but uses those faiths as he needs to in order to enhance his image.

But let's assume that all in the video is absolutely accurate. It constitutes a small sampling of all that is wrong with the guy. The problem, however, is that there simply isn't enough people who care enough about such things and any time spent highlighting his Muslim "connections" will only be seen as right-wing conspiracy-nut hyperbole. Even people on the right don't wanna hear it.

Better is to highlight his piss-poor policy proposals, show why they suck, insist his supporters and the supporters of liberal philosophy defend that philosophy, and we must stand ready to defend our ideas and beliefs, which should be easy to do. People are already getting the idea, as Scott Brown's victory today suggests.

Mark said...

He might not be a Muslim. He might not even be a Marxist, but he surely goes way out of his way to pander to our enemies while insulting Americans.

Trader Rick said...

I REMEMBER THE TURBULENT SIXTIES oops, when both parties had a left and a right wing, not polarized as they are today. Republicans had Nelson Rockefeller, Democrats had southern states-righters. That all changed after Goldwater. But the thing is, we didn't HATE the liberals back then--they merely had a different (albeit flawed) view of history and political/ economic theory for the most part. Oh yeah, we had commies back then, but the liberals didn't HATE America and want to see her fail.

It's different today. Today's liberals are worthy of our hatred, as they, perfectly represented by the boy-president, actual HATE American and want to see her fail. This current crop of left-wingers are open traitors-- They came out roughly about the time Kerry ran for President. These slimeballs are all worthy of Treason trials...