Thursday, December 11, 2008

So, What Else Is New?

"Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too." ~ Richard M. Nixon

Not surprisingly, another scandal revolving around Democrat corruption and Barack Obama has surfaced.

Now, Illinois Governor Rod (political opportunist) Blogojevich, has been arrested for attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat recently vacated by Barack Hussein Obama, otherwise known as "President-elect Obama".

(Aside) I read several Liberally-biased mainstream media news reports about this scandal and not one of them mentioned the Governor's political party (He's a Democrat). Is that surprising?

One other point: The very fact that the Liberally-biased media actually reported this story rather than bury it tells us this is a major scandal that will not go away quickly.

Already, Conservative talk radio hosts are drawing conclusions that Obama is connected, even directly involved, in the Governor's scheme.

They are also implicating Jesse Jackson jr. (or is it the third?), albeit a little more subtly.

While I don't doubt Obama is probably connected to this latest scandal, so far there is no evidence to support that hypothesis.

Up to now, All we know for sure is that both Blogojevich and Obama came up through one of the most corrupt political machines in the country.

We know Obama has some disturbing connections with domestic terrorists, real estate swindlers, America hating, anti-semite, racist preachers, and hordes of other criminals and ne'er-do-wells.

For those reasons alone, it is not at all inconceivable that there may be a definite connection between Obama and Blogojevich. It is inconceivable that all these things were going on right under Obama's nose without his knowledge. And, as Lone Ranger says, "Even if this modern miracle were true, do we want a guy so clueless in charge of keeping this country safe and prosperous?"

I have to admit though, I'm rather annoyed by the Conservative pundits trying so desperately to link Obama with Blogojevich without a shred of evidence, other than catching Obama in a lie about whether he talked to the Governor.

So what if he talked to the Governor? That could mean he merely discussed his thoughts about his Senate replacement with the Governor, or it could mean that together they hatched some nefarious plan to sell the seat and split the profits.

With Obama, nothing remains out of the sphere of possibility.

Of course, Obama made things look worse for himself by denying he even talked with the Governor. Just two weeks prior to the stunning announcement of Blogojevich's arrest, David Axelrod stated, on tape, that Obama had talked to the Governor about his choice to fill the vacated seat.

In my opinion, Hannity, Levin (my personal favorite), and the others only need to wait until some real connection appears, as it likely will. Then, let him have it.

No doubt there will be plenty more scandals with more teeth in them than this before the fiasco of an Obama presidency runs it's course.

There's no need to get ahead of themselves.


Lone Ranger said...

I don't think Obama cares in the least what happens to his Senate seat. It's not like he was a REAL Senator. That position was just another stepping stone on his way to the White House. Forget stepping stone. Obama has skipped to the White House like a flat stone skimmed across a lake.

Trader Rick said...

Scandal does not stick to this guy, so why bother? He is well on his way to making Bill Clinton look like an amateur in the LYER Department...

Mark said...

Oh, I think he cares. He would want to insure that anybody who replaces him will go along with his policies. A rogue Senator would not be tolerated in an Obama administration.

It's a big scandal this time, Rick. Perhaps big enough to shake up Obama's administration somewhat. Otherwise, the media wouldn't be covering it.

Timothy said...

Actually, the best thing that can happen is that Obama's administration will be even more scandalous than the Clinton one, and more ineffective than Carter as a result. The best we can hope for is that Obama is impotent... in more ways than one. :)

Henry said...

Rod "The Auctioneer" Blagojevich will sing like a canary. Malignant narcissists never think they are to blame for anything; it's always someone else's wrong-doing...

Cameron said...

I doubt there's any direct link between the Governor and Obama. At most, there might be an aide who talked to an aide about possible appointments in an Obama administration.

In some respects though, this is what goes on all the time. Politics is a back-scratching world, with favor granting and lobbying going on constantly. Gov. Blogojevich was just so brazen with it here, and was caught on tape to boot.

I think Mark has it right though. Illinois, and Chicago, are the most corrupt political arenas in the country. And this is where our latest change agent reformer president has come from. As John Kass of the Chicago Tribune wrote a couple of months ago, Obama grew up politically in Chicago, and did little to nothing to change anything there. In fact, he is quite liked by the political insiders there - which under the current circumstances is more a stain than it is a virtue.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

"It is inconceivable that all these things were going on right under Obama's nose without his knowledge."

Why should it be inconceivable? After all he attended Rev. Wright's
church for twenty years and had no idea Wright was preaching hate and anti-American garbage.

Patrick said...

What's a "LYER", Rick --I thought that was like a harp or something--or did you mean LIAR?

Lone Ranger said...

There are no rogues in a political machine. If a cog doesn't quite fit, it is replaced by one that does.

Joe said...

"...other than catching Obama in a lie about whether he talked to the Governor."

In my wildest imagination, I cannot believe that a senator, state or federal, has had no conversation with the governor, particularly a senator who has left his seat vacant.

What the nature of the conversation might have been, we can only speculate until the rest of the wire taps are released.

Personally, I think they will mysteriously disappear.

Anonymous said...

Democrat corruption and scandals have a way of disappearing it seems. Then the loyalists get out in full force telling us there was no there there. Without the help of a liberal biased media, this could not happen. Does not work the same for Republicans. Think of all the poor people that could be taken care of with the money that flows through corrupt hands (taking care of poor being a favorite topic of liberals, as long as it involves someone else's pocket). mom2

Krystal said...

" we want a guy so clueless in charge of keeping this country safe and prosperous?"

This is exactly what I was pointing out when he said he didn't know how his minister believed. He sat in the man's church listening to him preach for fifteen+ years...AND HE DIDN'T KNOW?!!! Either a bad liar or incredibly obtuse. Who wants either in the White House?

Joe said...

Merry Christmas! See you when I get back!

Timothy said...

Merry Christmas Mark!

Cameron said...

Merry Christmas Mark