Saturday, January 05, 2008

Still Unoriginal

"When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it." ~ Bernard Bailey

Disclaimer: This post is intended to poke a little fun at myself. It is not intended to be taken seriously, so if the reader feels inclined to chastise me because I appear to be feeling sorry for myself, I have only one thing to say: Don't.

Over at Eric's place, Eric coined a new term, "Hyper-Cyberia". He said he googled his new term and found no references to it anywhere on the internet, which inspired me to do a similar search for a term I thought I coined a few years ago. My term is "Techno-moron".

So, I googled "Techno-moron" and the results humbled me. There are thousands of websites that have the term embedded somewhere within their pages. mentioned a humorous but false letter of resignation (which is posted numerous times itself in Google) with the term "techno-moron" in it started circulating around the world wide web in September of 2001. I didn't have access to the internet until sometime after that date, so now I know.

Once again, I am not original. Alas. Woe is me.

The first entry of the term posted by myself on Google is on page 15, where I told Marshall Art that I am a techno-moron. I have used the term many other times before and besides that, but it is now clear that my usage of the term was apparently not my invention.

The interesting thing to me is that the myriad other uses of the term listed by Google show that all those others who use the term are substantially more technically savvy than me, which should, paradoxically, give me the singular distinction of being the most techo-moronic of them all.

I don't know whether to gloat or keep that to myself. It is rather a dubious distinction, is it not?

I suppose it doesn't make any difference that I had never heard or read the term before I used it the first time. The fact that it is original to me does not mean it originated with me.

So, my own self important attitude again takes a hit. The more I try to prove I'm not just one of the crowd, not just "your average Joe", the more I prove that I am exactly that.

Oh well, at least I have not proven myself below average. Yet.

Then again, I have ER and others to do that for me.


Neil said...

Don't feel bad. You may not have been the originator, but since you came up with it independently you are still creative!

Timothy said...

Yes, my original term is "spockaphobia," the fear of being logical. If you spend any time in he military, you get the idea real quick.

Timothy said...

BTW, I just googled it, and found two references to the term. Their definition was the fear of someone finding out you like Star Trek. I like my definition better, since Spock was the logical one.

Timothy said...

PS, I've been using the term since the early 1980s when I got good doses of it in the Coast Guard.

Timothy said...

BTW, can you tell, I'm really proud of this term? :)

Timothy said...

OK, I will go home to my wife now and leave your blog alone. :)

Marshall Art said...

Not the only one to use the term? Does the expression "great" minds think alike work here? *snicker*