Friday, July 20, 2007

Alert The Media!

"Our an omen of our destiny, and the more integrity we have and keep, the simpler and nobler that destiny is likely to be." ~ George Santayana

Alert the media! I know many will be surprised, but I disagree with a Conservative talk radio show host.

I only listen to talk radio when I am driving, and often, not even then. However, when I tune into talk radio between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM weekdays, I choose to listen to either Glen Beck here on Fredericksburg's local station 1230 AM, or Chris Core, a Conservative talk show host, on WMAL, the Washington DC station.

Yesterday, I was listening to Chris Core as he explained why Michael Vick shouldn't be sent to jail should he be convicted in the now infamous dog fighting case.

That's right. I said he thinks Vick shouldn't be sent to jail. Why?

I have to admit Mr. Core has a unique perspective. He says if Vick is convicted and sentenced to six years it would effectively end his career as an NFL star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. This is no doubt true. However, Core insists if Vick can't play for the team, hundreds of innocent people's incomes will be adversely affected. All of the people who make their living off Atlanta's football franchise will suffer a severe loss of income, according to Mr. Core. Therefore, Vick should be fined, given community service or something else instead of jail.

In my opinion, Chris Core is way off base on this one.

To begin with, The Atlanta Falcons made money before Michael Vick, and they will continue to make money long after he is gone. They will not lose a significant amount of money just because Vick is not playing. In fact, Atlanta hasn't made it to the Super Bowl since Vick has been quarterback. They won the Superbowl without him.

The notion that anyone will lose money besides Vick himself is simply ludicrous.

Additionally, if Vick goes to jail, the Falcons will have to use someone else as starting quarterback, and who's to say they wouldn't get a better one than Vick? He really isn't the best quarterback in history. In my opinion he isn't even the best among the current quarterbacks in the NFL.

It takes at least 11 players to make a football team, and each of these 11+ players has his own role on the team. Atlanta cannot win without each and every player doing the job they are contracted to play.

One player does not a team make.

People buy tickets to watch Atlanta play, and they will continue to pay for tickets regardless of who is starting quarterback.

The possibility that some people who earn money from the Atlanta Falcons football club will lose money because one player has shown a complete lack of character and integrity is no excuse to ignore the law.

No, it wouldn't seem to be fair, but who said life is fair?

Personally, I doubt Vick will go to jail. Sports stars rarely do time, even when they are convicted. Even if he is sentenced to a term in jail, he will probably be out within a couple of years, and if I know anything of NFL history, he will play again.

If Michael Vick is found guilty, he should go to jail. Because dog fighting is a crime. Because people who get convicted of a crime of this severity should do time, regardless of who they are or how much money they earn. Because anything short of jail time would be a travesty of justice. Because the eyes of adoring children are on him and they must be taught that even sports idols are not above the law. Because integrity cannot be compromised at any price.

And because it's the law.


Mike's America said...

It would be another sad lesson for young black males if they learn that even evil deeds like those Vick is accused of can be wiped away because you are good at sports.

The black community will never cleanse itself of the violence that this evil hip hop thug culture has inflicted on it if they don't put this guy in jail for many years.

Lone Ranger said...

I stopped listening to WMAL after they fired Michael Graham for calling Islam a "terrorist organization" and refused to retract it or apologize. His only mistake is that Islam isn't an organization, it's a hodge podge of 7th century tribes.

As far is VICK is concerned, that little blond on Animal Precinct should handcuff him and march him off to a cell. If they jail old ladies for not feeding their cats, they shouldn't cut any slack for a barbarian (in Robert Byrd's words) like this.

Mike's America said...

I'm surprised you haven't been deluged with the usual race baiting, dog murdering gangsta thug enablers who have made it plain in the comments on my post on this subject that they prefer to keep blacks enslaved with the failed policies and promises of liberalism and neosocialism rather than acknowledge that this cultural problem has nothing to do with socio-economic status and opportunity.

You can't find a better example of this than someone who had it all, and yet still behaved like a violent thug.

Goat said...

He should be allowed to play after he enters the ring with a well trained fighting bulldog. I find the sport disgusting and the same feeling goes for Vick. He might just find himself minus a calf or hamstring.

Marshall Art said...

Vick deserves, and should receive, whatever the law provides for such a crime. I caught a piece of Giraldo tonight (a piece is all I can stand), and it seems like Vick was active in organizing such events and even attending with some regularity. Book 'im, Dano!

Abouna said...

Two things would surprise with the Vick case: 1.) If he should be convicted; 2.) If he should receive a meaningful punishment should he be convicted.

For a country that claims to be a country based upon the rule of law, I have never seen such a disparity of Justice that we have here. Our legal system seems to have a double standard when it comes to the sexes, rich and poor, and celebrities and the common folks. So much for the equality under the law.

Trader Rick said...

Vick's and idiot.

Trader Rick said...

I mean, Vick's an Idiot.

Gayle said...

Vick's worse than an idiot. He's a very cruel person and indeed should go to jail. The game will definitely survive without him! After seeing this picture I think even jail is to good for him!

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