Monday, November 13, 2006

No Worries, Mate!

"Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking." ~ Clement Atlee

The other day, I created a post painting a doomsday portrayal of what may happen when the Democrats take over the House and the Senate.

It was extreme, even fanciful. What I meant was, according to what the Democrats have been saying, all these things and more would happen.

In reality, I predict none of these things will happen. Instead of surrender in Iraq, higher taxes, the purging of God from all facets of American life, etc, I predict a lot of talk. But little action.

Why? Because that's the only things that the Democrats can do. Talk. Talk. Talk. But little, if any action. Listen to their rhetoric sometime. They can solve all the problems in America with talk, and negotiation.

They think they can talk the Islamo-fascists into being nice. (because negotiation with people you can't negotiate with has worked so well in the past.)

Then there will be the inevitable endless discussions about what is the best way to raise taxes, and get free medical care for all Americans, and on and on and on.

In the end they will have accomplished next to nothing.

Because the Democrats only plan is to talk about what they want to do.

And, after the American people see what the Democrats are capable (or incapable) of doing, they will happily vote the Republicans back into the majority.


lilfeathers2000 said...

patty aka merry sunshine here.
wishing you
Have a God Blessed Week.
Its Click and Comment Monday

Mark said...

Thanks for your comment, Patty. In the future, though, I would prefer you confine your comments to the subject of the entry. I will go on over and check out your link now.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I agree with most of what you wrote. The exception is Iraq. Even if they initially do not get the immediate pull out they are calling for they do have the capability of defunding the war to force Bush into compromising his position. They have enough liberal leadership and pressure from the fringe left and left wing of the party to force this issue if they do nothing else.

DirtCrashr said...

Perhaps Patty has enjoyed the merry benefits of Orange Sunshine (as well as purple microdot). :-) I for one agree with your assessment of the Democrat strategy and skill-level. They know how to talk. That's it but they're deadly with it. Ever been in one of those interminable management meetings with lots of opaque buzzwords thrown around until your ears bleed? They are the ones who invented that vocabulary because it's a useful smokescreen for actual deliverables that remain un-delivered.
As a California taxpayer I'm also very familiar with the Democrat-run State Employee Unions who go on strike and then negotiate with each other across the table, and eventually agree on how much of an increase they will get from the taxpayer's purse.
The increases are in wages and benefits, and also in hiring numbers - which effectively increases the paid Union Dues, and the Union Dues go straight to the Democrat Party here in the Golden State. Indirect fundraising if you will.
We recently survived a naked attempt at number-growing and dues-funding in a BIG way by the Teachers' Union who worked HARD on a statewide proposition for "Universal Pre-School Education." In the run up against Schwarzenneger they spent so heavily that their war-chest was depeleted and they needed more money - so what's the answer? Hire more! In the Sacred Name of the Children, the pre-school education initiative would have required the hiring and employment of many thousand more Credentialed Teachers, little more than Wage-and-Benefit Earning babysitters for pre-school age tots. Why or when does an infant require pre-school "education"...? When the Union needs to place more employees in jobs in order see its revenues increase and to justify further state-funds for "Education." We spend more money than almost any other state ands have some of the worst results, and Education Funding is STILL on an annual-increase budget with no end in sight and no results-based oversight.
Thanks for letting me rant. ;-)

Jason H. Bowden said...


Democrats ultimately are a socialist party. Their agenda broadly is:

1) Submit American military power to international institutions

2) Replace free enterprise with a centralized command economy in DC running things for the common good

3) Destroy moral traditions by "liberating" people from every convention from the past

These points can even reinforce each other. Many Democrats believe we can fight crime by compassionate liberating troubled souls by stopping Americas "jingoistic" assertion of its values in the world, teaching people multiculturalism and there is no right and wrong, and having the government engineer a better economic paradigm from the top down. Ironically, they never consider that the results of their "solutions" -- forcing people into government housing, giving incentives to single mothers, slowing job creation with regulation, taxes, and litigation -- have anything to do with the problems they blame on everyone else.

I kid you not. Remember in Bowling for Columbine when Moore tried to argue that the presence of a defense contractor nearby Columbine was responsible for the school shootings? You can read works like B.F. Skinner's "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" to get this stuff in its pure, intellectualized version from the horse's mouth.

ELAshley said...

As to Democrats, you're spot on; all they know how to do is talk, and make everyone miserable with their incessant attempts at creating a communistic nation here in America.

As to your prophesy, I hope and pray Americans DO re-elect Republicans in Oh-8.

Mark said...

I've said it before, The Democrats think that the answer to all problems is to throw money at them. The problem is, it's not their money to throw. It's ours. And it doesn't work. It hasn't worked yet, why do they think it will next time?

Timothy said...

Hi Mark,
I hope you are right. If all they do is talk, then they won't be able to do anything. I hope for the next two years, all President Bush does is veto. I hope he learns to veto like he has never vetoed before.


Dan Trabue said...

" The Democrats think that the answer to all problems is to throw money at them."

Let's see...which administrations have actually shrunk the size of gov't in the last couple of decades...? Hmm, that'd be the DEMOCRATS.

And which administrations have GROWN gov't? Yep, you guessed it: Republicans.

This, from the party that is endorsing (without much opposition from the Dems) a monstrously large military budget - larger than the next 25 nations combined! Rapidly approaching $1 trillion a year!

Yeah, I don't think the Republicans have much room to talk about throwing money at problems...

Erudite Redneck said...

Y'all all better hold on tight. Yer man was a fake from the beginning, and he's fixing to so s---t on y'all true believers you might just leave politics forever. Which, of course, is what I prefer. :-) LOLOL.

Erudite Redneck said...

Re, "and make everyone miserable with their incessant attempts at creating a communistic nation here in America."

EL, are you rdinkin'? Do you even know what "communistic" means? Jesus was a communalist, ya know, which is dang close? How can you oppose it?

Goat said...

Mark, that is Patty's way of saying "job well done", she is a friend of the Barnyard and I will stand up for her. You will get a kick from This That and Froghair, good conservative humor plus some. I have linked her many times and she is one of us.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you quote the great Clement Attlee.

mom2 said...

And, after the American people see what the Democrats are capable (or incapable) of doing, they will happily vote the Republicans back into the majority.

I was just reading about some of their capabilities over at WND. Curt Weldon became one of their targets. If this contines, we will not have the freedom to speak out against it for long.