Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Only Humor....Seriously!

"A Christian Scientist from Beal
Said although I know pain isn't real,
When I sit on a pin
And it punctures my skin
I dislike what I fancy I feel."
~ Unknown

Does anyone know if someone who works for the Christian Science Monitor has to be a member of the Christian Scientist Church? Probably not, I guess, but if they do...

I wonder if Jill Carrol, the Christian Science Monitor reporter who was just freed after months of captivity by extremists in Iraq, was really kidnapped? Christian Scientists don't believe anything is real so maybe she imagined all that.

Even if she really was, she said she was well treated. But maybe they tortured her but she doesn't believe she really was. Or maybe she thought she was being tortured but really wasn't. She says she wasn't hit or threatened but maybe she was. After all, Christian Scientists say that pain isn't real, it's only an illusion.

Ok, It was just a thought.

Blogger Buddy Tech wrote a post naming many of the plays he has been involved in over the years. One of the plays he mentioned is a play called "Night, Mother". It is a play about a girl who announces to her mother, right out of the blue, that she's going to kill herself that very night. That's near the beginning. The rest of the play is pretty much her mother trying to talk her out of suicide.

It was a movie, too, which I saw, starring Ann Bancroft and Sissy Spacek as Mother and Daughter. What I remember better than anything else about that movie was part of this line:

"Mama, I know you used to ride the bus. Riding the bus, and it's hot and bumpy and crowded and too noisy, and more than anything else in the world, you want to get off. And the only reason in the world you don't get off is it's still fifty blocks from where you're going. Why get off right now if I want to? Because even if I ride fifty more years and get off then, it's still the same place when I step down to it. Whenever I feel like it, I can get off. Whenever I've had enough, it's my stop. I've had enough."

I think of all the reasons ever given to commit suicide, that is the most logical. Sometimes you just get tired of riding the bus, you know?

Ok you're probably wondering why I seem so depressed. It's because I am. My girlfriend of over a year told me last night that she's seeing another man. I said, "Well, why don't you try rubbing your eyes, or something?"

But then I caught her in bed with another guy. I was crushed. I said, "Get off me, you two".

You know, a lot of girls go out with me just to further their careers. Damned anthropologists.

Ok, I'm done. I'll get serious tomorrow. Right now I'm tired. Good night.


Gayle said...

Seriously, I don't believe it's only humor. Good grief, Mark... anyone would be depressed about that, if it is true. I hope you are going to be okay. I don't know just how serious you are here.

I don't even care right now about the Jill Caroll thing.

I saw that movie too, by the way, and I thought at the time that little speech was made "what a load of crapola!" Life is not the same thing as riding a damn bus!

I shall come back to check up on you. This just doesn't sound right to me, you know?


Sheila said...


Christian Science Monitor is one of the oldest rags in the country. The name is not associated with the religion. People of many religious affiliation work there. A very respected and of historic segnifacance.

As far as your circumstances. Buddy, I've been there. As a christian I had to decide if I was going to commit the ultimate sin or not.

Becuase at some point death seems so peaceful....but then what have you done to your son? What have you sentenced Your beautiful son too after your gone? Is you death going to help him or cause him years of pain?

I don't have the answer for you. God does, along with common sense, and simple reading if you don't have enough money for counselors like me. I'm a self help success story with a lot of fellowship thrown in.

Empower your self esteem buddy. No other human being is worth all the pain or bloodshed.

Mark said...

OK. Lets get one thing straight. I am not, nor have ever been suicidal. I am a survivor. I only brought up the suicide thing because Techs post reminded me of that movie I saw, and I remembered Sissy Spacek's character saying that thing about getting off the bus. At the time, I thought it was the most logical reason for suicide I ecwer heard, and I still do. But I don't have any intention of doing that. I have too much fun!

Mark said...

Oh, and I knew you don't have to be a member of their church to write for their newspaper. It's humor. Seriously.

Christian Pundits said...

Maybe you have to appreciate sarcastic humor to "get" what you were saying Mark.

I do.

Sheila said...

Ok, I'm a drippy woman making sure my man is taken caare of ......LOL

Ok Ok!

But, darn it, it sounded a little too real. Just making sure all the bases are covered.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I am confused,
You said your GF of however long is seeing another man and in the same story you are writing about suicide. I have read beyond this and I know you are not contimplating it, but let me just tell you I saw that Sissy Spacek movie too, and all I could think was "What a selfish human being you would have to be to do anything like that", that movie reminded me of times in my life when I felt low, but there is ALWAYS another way, how could I leave my children and my parents, freinds, etc thinking I was such a fool. But I dont think those that consider suicide actually consider others in their life that may be involved, children, parents, other relatives, maybe no one think's they care but taking ones own life isnt only NOT the Christian thing to do, but has consequences way beyong taking the chicken way out of your problems and leaving an absolute mess for the rest of your family to deal with. Suicide is the Chicken way out of everything, but the family you leave behind will hate you forever for doing it, and will have solved NOTHING except for you. But how selfish. Family's are not suppose to be left behind when some chickens... ass.... leaves them behind to clean up the mess.